Just In: Obasanjo, Yahaya Bello meet behind closed doors

Obasanjo meets Yahaya Bello

Kogi State governor, His Excellency, Yahaya Bello met with the former president Olusegun Obasanjo on Sunday in Abuja.

In the meeting which was held behind closed doors, the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Yahaya Bello, Mohammed Onogwu disclosed that his principal and the former president had a fruitful discussion.

He said the meeting was centered on security.

Onogwu noted that Obasanjo urged Yahaya Bello, to sustain his efforts in providing security in his state.

The Chief Press Secretary quoted Obasanjo as saying that Kogi is central to the nation’s peace and development.

“Former President Obasanjo noted that the fight against insecurity should have everybody on board, stressing that governors should involve everyone to ensure insecurity is curtailed in Nigeria,” Onogwu stated

He added that Obasanjo appreciated the Governor for his developmental effort in the state especially in the areas of youth and women inclusion in politics and governance, infrastructure, health, and education.

He said Obasanjo also charged Governor Bello to “continue to be an advocate for youth involvement in governance”.

Responding, Governor Bello thanked Obasanjo for his statesman’s role, fatherly disposition, and wealth of wisdom which the young leaders are privileged to tap from.

Bello assured Obasanjo that he will not rest in the fight to ensure total safety for his people and will continue to do his best to ensure his electoral promises are fulfilled.


  1. OBJ, Are you OK?
    Have you ever visited any part of KOGI to see the lack of development of that state?

  2. Bello’s abysmal record as governor is being touted as commendable? The guy who owed civil servants salaries for more than six months and had to be helped across the gubernatorial cross-line with emergency bailout funds is suddenly a presidential potential? What a sick place!

  3. Why not open the door? Re you guys gays? Abeg, nothing is secret ion Nigeria. Governor Bello went to dash Baba something. And Baba himself thank him. Shekina!

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