Fani-Kayode warns southerners of impending doom


By Nimot Adetola Sulaimon

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has cautioned Southerners of impending doom if they continue to mock Northerners concerning the incessant kidnappings, banditry.

On his Twitter page, he wrote ”Southerners that mock the north and laugh at the travails they are going through in the hands of terrorists, are ignorant and shortsighted.

”The fire that is burning down your neighbour’s house will end up burning yours as well if you do not help him to put it out. Stop gloating!” he concluded.

This he said hours after he threatened that the south would block oil supply to the north if the northern states stop the supply of food to the south.

Meanwhile, there are reports that some northerners have decided to stop the transportation of food items, including cows to the southern part of Nigeria.

Fani-Kayode frowned against the act and warned them of retaliation that will follow.

In Fani-Kayode’s response, he wrote “If the north blocks food supplies to the south, the south will block the supply of oil, refined products and oil money to the north. You touch me, I touch you! You do me, I do you! You Tarka me, I Daboh you! It’s called the law of reciprocity. Never start a dance you can’t finish!”

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  • Southern Nigeria should take this as a challenge to go back to farm conspired o grow those farm products they buy from the North. We must stop outsourcing our stomachs or feeding to the North bcos of this blackmail.
    It is their choice to sale their products ti where they considered safe,,this is a wake up call to our Governors to start building Ranches and fish farms now.

  • I thought this crack head Fanny Okayode claim to be a born again Christian. Do me l do you and retaliation is not Christian teaching. As usual seeking relevance he speaks from both sides of his mouth.

  • They are idiots. They reason through the anus. The South has no business being in one country, of-course Nigeria is not a country, with these idiots!!!
    Pleasant may their president Buhari implement this their plan as he does for their other wishes and interests.

  • If they stop supply of food and cow to south, they're to suffer more.Are they not in business? Their produce will spoil.If they combine three or four neighbouring countries,their volume of trade will steal be lower than southern Nigeria. But,why this action?