You can’t impose levies on Computer Village, Court stops Tinubu’s daughter

Folasade Tinubu-Ojo
Folasade Tinubu-Ojo

The Lagos State High Court in Ikeja has stopped daughter of former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu from imposing levies on traders at the Computer Village in Ikeja.

Folasade Tinubu-Ojo, who is the Iyaloja-General of Lagos had introduced levies on traders at the Computer Village a year  ago.

The court also stopped Mrs. Bisola Azeez, Mr. Adeniyi Olasoji, Nofiu Akinsanya, Tony Ikani and the Commissioner of Police in Lagos State from going ahead with the levies on traders at the market.

A fundamental human rights suit number ID/9039MFHR/19 was instituted against the five respondents by the five major stakeholders at the Computer Village.

The stakeholders are The Registered Trustees of Computer and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria; Registered Trustees of Phone and Allied Product Dealers Association of Nigeria; Registered Trustees of Phone Parts and Accessories Dealers Association of Nigeria; the Registered Trustees of Association of Caterers, Food and Drinks Vendors of Ogunbiyi Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos and Registered Trustees of Ikeja Books, Stationeries and Computer Association and Azeez Olunrin.

According to the judge, Justice Yetunde Pinheiro, the 2nd and 3rd respondents’ imposition of levies on the applicants was illegal, null and void and therefore amounted to a violation of their fundamental rights.

Pinheiro ordered the first to fifth respondents by themselves, agents, levy collectors howsoever called from imposing levies and/or fines on the members of the 1st to 5th applicants at the Ikeja Computer Village in the Ikeja Local Government Area of Lagos State.


  1. The masses really thank Judge Pinheiro for her forthright judgement and interpretation of the law as it should. Many Lagos judges have sold their souls to Tinubu for peanut and this had led to miscarriage of justice in many cases. It is a thing of joy to see this type of judge again in any part of the country nowadays.

  2. But what are all these? Is she a local government official? Under what law is she operating? Everywhere na fathercracy You see a governor, All the leaders want their children to replace them. Governors, Ministers, Lawmakers,Pastor’s, Directors,even armed robbers want their children to take over from them. It is whom your father is.

  3. GREED personified. Like father like daughter.

    Serves them right.

    Such an insensitive, heartless and mindless family of IRREDEAMABLE AND UNREPENTANT LOOTERS.

    Tinubu and his 2 bullion vans.

    What a man and his quest and desperation to make money all around the corner.

    What an avaricious family. Hopefully one day a judge will be bold enough to strip them off their loots.

    What a situation. I take a stroll. Nonsense.

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