Sheikh Gumi reacts to abduction of schoolgirls in Zamfara

Gumi meets bandits in Tagina Forest
File Photo: Gumi meets bandits in Tagina Forest

Islamic scholar Sheikh Ahmad Gumi said abductors of the Zamfara schoolgirls were not the bandits he recently met but a splinter group.

Zamfara Commissioner of Security and Home Affairs, Alhaji Abubakar Dauran, confirmed the abduction but could not confirm the number of the students abducted as at press time.

However, Gumi told The Nation, that he may also help in reaching out to bandits who carried out today’s attack.

The Islamic scholar, who appeared to have reached out to the bandit leaders he recently met, stated categorically “They are not the ones that abducted the girls. It is a splinter group.”

When asked whether he would be going to Zamfara to meet the bandits for talks and plea for release of the school girls, Sheikh Gumi simply said, “maybe”.


  1. Nigeria has no boundary. You is talking of South going away or north going away, even you divide Nigeria into families, as a nation, we are still within the same geographical area. What happens nowhere in this geographical area effects the other. Meanwhile criminals are still there in South and killing and destroying people’s properties.
    Call evil, evil. No person is better than the other in terms of region.

  2. ICHEOKU says this Gumi fella needs to be arrested and investigated for colluding with terrorists. Why is it that he cannot proactively reach out to those bandits before they strike and discourage them from committing their criminality, but is readily willing and able to know which bandits struck and how to meet them. Possibly, he is scheming the ransom money from the top as his 10% hence the alacrity with which he attends to their needs. What will religion not do to a nation that a white bearded man is now the power house go between in matters involving criminal bandits and the government. It is sad.

  3. Geographically the North is very far away from the South. What on earth is still holding my southern region from telling these problematic Northerners to go. Go away. Establish your own Boko Haram Republic. Please.

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