Post COVID-19: Private jets the future of air travel, says VOMOS boss

Mark McNeil, CEO of VOMOS
Mark McNeil, CEO of VOMOS

Although with the COVID-19 vaccines being administered worldwide there’s some sort of hope in sight but yet the world is still staring down the barrel of the scourge of the pandemic.

“As the world begins to lift travel restrictions, travelers will be faced with a new norm in air travel. Airlines will quickly have to come up with new ideas and ways for travelers to purchase flights, check bags, ticketing, store overhead luggage, and purchase in-flight entertainment.

“To protect themselves from COVID-19, some people are reportedly opting to buy the seat next to them or even the entire row to avoid contact from strangers. Meanwhile, some airlines are proposing to allow passengers to purchase the middle seat for an extra fee while others are leaving them empty. It will be a mandatory requirement for all passengers and crew members to wear a mask while in-flight.

“Everything will be based on safety and sanitation as airports and airlines will go the extra mile to keep its terminals, check-in counters and ticket kiosks clean. Since COVID-19 landed, airlines have significantly reduced their routes and some cut back capacity to 80% to leave extra room on their planes. Due to COVID-19 concerns, many people who never considered flying private jets in the past are now considering it as a safer alternative to flying commercial,” so writes Black Enterprise

Mark McNeil, CEO of VOMOS, a private aviation company, understands that airline routes are being cut back, and passengers will find it more difficult to find space on available flights.

“Travel by private jet in today’s climate with COVID-19 is smart for those who normally fly first class and are seeking the next level in safety, value, and convenience. We are seeing a significant uptick in friends and family pooling funds together to fly private versus commercial. We are currently running one-way routes from New York to Miami for roughly $1200 per person, which in some instances, cost less than a first-class ticket,” said McNeil.

“Private jet travel is definitely attainable for the everyday consumer although many think it’s associated only with celebrities, athletes or wealthy businessmen or women. Flying private if broken down on a per seat cost can be quite affordable for those seeking a premium alternative to commercial flights and for those looking to avoid the long lines and uncertainty of public airport terminals. It’s definitely something to consider if you have elderly family members or loved ones with lower immune systems or health problems,” he added.

McNeil founded VOMOS in 2016 after combining several years of resources and connections in different industries.

VOMOS offers curated experiences such as private aviation, villa and mansion rentals, yacht charters and luxury rental cars for those seeking the absolute best in premium travel. Consumers can quickly access their high-end offerings and experiences anywhere in the world, versus spending countless hours of research over several platforms.

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