Kagara abduction: Niger state governor bemoans abandonment by FG

Orji Kalu with Governor Sani Bello
Orji Kalu with Governor Sani Bello

By Our Reporter

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello has excoriated the Federal Government for abandoning the state to its fate, in the rescue of the schoolchildren kidnapped in Kagara on 17 February.

Bello said during a visit by Senator Orji Uzor Kalu that the state has been left alone to rescue the students and others kidnapped by terrorists.

Hinting that ransom may be involved in retrieving the abducted children, he said the government has been left to shoulder all the financial responsibility.

“So where is the support”, he queried, adding that “at the moment we have not seen any Federal support here since this incident occurred. Yes we had a delegation that came to commiserate with us, but we are left to ourselves”.

The former Abia state governor and Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu was in Minna to pay a sympathy visit to Governor Bello.

Governor Bello however said that with or without any Federal support, the state government had already made a commitment to the people of the state to rescue the abducted school children.

He said the state will do everything possible to ensure their release, unhurt.

“We will use whatever means and resources a available to make sure the children return home safely”.

“We don’t have exact day and when these children will be released but I am very sure very soon”.

Senator Kalu told Bello: “We sympathise with you and we share in your grief at the moment.

“We know what you are going through and this is why I am calling on the Federal Government to set up a joint security committee in your state to be able to have the Representatives of all the forces stationed in the state to complement the existing command in the state”.


  1. What are you expecting from FG? Money, right? You are negotiating. Keep negotiating. From CHIBOK girls to Dapchi. From Dapchi to Kankara from Kankara to now kangara . Since you Northerners have deviced a method of extorting money from Nigerian government through terrorism go ahead. Live with it.

    • They have Hisbah over there, is it only to smash beer bottles and chase prostitutes that they exist? let the Hisbah go and take their girls home from where their kinsmen are hiding them or is kidnapping not a crime in Islam?

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