Adebanjo confirms Sunday Igboho’s visit to his house 

Igboho and Adebanjo
Igboho and Adebanjo

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Afenifere chieftain, Pa Ayo Adebanjo on Friday evening confirmed that Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho visited him in his house in Lagos.

He also condemned the attempt by a joint team of soldiers, DSS and policemen to arrest Igboho while on his way to his house.

After the attempted arrest, Igboho still made his way to Adebanjo’s house.

Adebanjo told P.M.NEWS on phone around 7:40pm that “Sunday Igboho just left my house.”

But he did not disclose what he discussed with him during the visit.

The elder statesman said the attempt to arrest Igboho by the Federal Government was unfortunate and uncalled for.

He lamented that bandits were killing and kidnapping people in the north and they have not been arrested, while Igboho was being hunted.

Adebanjo described President Muhammadu Buhari as a dictator and an imperialist, saying only God would deliver Nigeria out of his hand.

He also lamented that Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, despite his reckless utterances has not been arrested by the Buhari government.

Adebanjo said the comment made by Gumi that bandits are not criminals and that they should be given amnesty was unjust.

He also attacked Gumi for saying that Christian soldiers were the ones killing Fulani herdsmen and bandits.

Adebanjo added that in 2018 when the Governor of Benue, Samuel Ortom wrote to Buhari about the killings of his people by Fulani herdsmen, the president did nothing about it, even when the Fulani boasted that they owned every part of Nigeria.



  1. Adebanjo said the comment made by Gumi that bandits are not criminals and that they should be given amnesty was unjust.

    So in this man’s mind, if one says bandits are not criminals he should be arrested. What a shame to this father of a thief

  2. This old and archaic figure should just remain silent and wait patiently for the angel of death. Your comment that “only God would deliver Nigeria out of Buhari’s hand” is an admission of your cowardice and a stinking mentality. Sitting in your comfort and asking God to deliver Nigeria from someone’s hand is unimaginable. If Sunday Oke-Ogun were to do the same by just sitting down and commanding God to rescue his people, what would be the result? And if you have done what Sunday is currently doing during your youthful time, Nigeria would have been a better place for all. Pa ‘Banjo should stop seeing himself as being relevant in the current struggle. Ohun t’agbalagba ko se, awon omode yoo see.

  3. Birds of identical feathers move in plumage. Baba Adebanjo said he would recognize Buhari as President after the Supreme Court judgment. The Supreme Court has since confirm President Buhari as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Baba still refuses to recognise. By recognising a tribal warlord and irredentist, where are we going in Nigeria. Nobody has the right to order any Nigerian to quit any part of Nigeria. Baba Adebanjo, please tread softly!

    • Elijah, the person who gave you this name if he’s still living will die a violent death. You must be a bastard, to have written this comment.

    • May be your families are mentally deranged fulanis are not Nigerians they are mad generations be manoeuvred by religion and their lust for disrupting Nigeria peace, they will be eliminated from every part of yoruba and igbo land mad people

    • You’re one of the bastard born to fulani jihadist, so I can’t hold you to your words, as your name sounds so also your statements.
      Herdssmen are killing all around the states in Nigeria and the presidency or president can’t denounce the activities, only to come out by old fool Lai Murfun, to be saying rubbish.

  4. I completely agree with Pa. Ayo Adebanjo that Uneducated Buhari is ” a Dictator and an Imperialist”. This shows that the DSS were not telling the truth claiming that it was Fake News. Where are the so called Yoruba leaders and Traditional Chiefs? We all know that Tinubu and Osinbajo are useless and selfish leaders. You all will regret it if something happens to Igbho. A**holes.

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