Nigerian Uche Raymond Okoye slammed with 11 counts of scam in Guyana

Uche Raymond Okoye: prolific scammer in Guyana
Uche Raymond Okoye: accused of 11 scams in Guyana

A Nigerian Uche Raymond Okoye, based in Guyana, has been slammed 11 counts of fraud, several local papers reported today.

Okoye, also known as Uche Parker, was accused by the Guyana police as being part of an international criminal organisation that has scammed unsuspecting Guyanese victims out of millions.

Okoye, who is now in prison, appeared virtually Wednesday at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court where Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan read ten indictable charges to him.

It is alleged that on ten occasions between October 15 and November 16, 2020, at Georgetown, Okoye obtained monies from a woman, Surujdai Balkaran, totalling $6,059,900, by falsely claiming that he was in possession of a package intended for her.

And on November 16, 2020, he obtained $50,000 from another woman, Ms Monroe, by also falsely claiming that he was in possession of a package intended for her.

The women were told that the monies were needed to receive the packages.
While he pleaded guilty to some of the counts, he pleaded not guilty to the charge that he scammed Ms.Monroe.

He was further remanded until March 17.

Okoye is currently on remand for an ongoing matter before Senior Magistrate Leron Daly for four other matters of similar offences.

On 24 November 2020, he was charged with running a criminal scheme in Guyana and swindling four Guyanese of millions of dollars.

He was also accused of entering Guyana, illegally.

Okoye is suspected to be part of a criminal network involving Nigerians who collaborate with other associates and solicit cash from their victims by promising high valued merchandise to be delivered following the payment of a charge or fee amounting to millions.

The criminal network which has been ongoing for the past six months in Guyana, has links to the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Paraguay and the United States of America among other countries, according to Special Organised Crime Unit[ SOCU] of Guyana.


  1. My investigation has revealed that every type of crime in Nigeria is pioneered by the Ibos, why? An Ibo person would do anything for money. This is why if you trust an Ibo person you are O.Y.O.

    May they change their ways!!

    • Without being tribal, I can agree with you. 89% of crimes committed abroad by Nigerians are done by Igbo or our Ibo speaking brothers.

      It is so sad that one particular ethnic group will continue to rubbish our already defamed reputation abroad.

      Should embassies become wary of any name starting or ending with chukwu etc?

      This is highly condemnable and a shame.

      Every day, some of us struggle to help foreigners understand that not all Nigerians are criminals, the more effort we make at redeeming this, the more we are drawn into it by these Uche, Nnamdi, okechukwu etc.

      Please let there be Biafra. Bikonù

    • Let me remind you that the likes of Tinubu, Atiku, late Buruji Kashamu etc were all heavy fraudsters and drug barons before venturing into politics to do more harm than good. These men and others are not Igbo people. Let me remind you also that Buhari is my fellow northerner. He has succeeded in destroying Nigeria with his like minds in government today. Let me remind you also that Hushpuppi today is the biggest online fraudster in the world. He’s not Igbo. The earlier we begin to stop apportioning blames tribally, the better for us. You people have destroyed Nigeria to the point that those of living here in America and other parts of the world no longer wish to come back home. Rather than rise up and challenge the current evil government that have legalized killer herdsmen and kidnapping, you are here writing nonsense against the Igbos. Why not channel that energy towards condemning the kidnapping of school girls in Nasarawa? Kidnapping of school girls in Nigeria is now a good business for my northern brothers. Shame.

      Just as Dele Momodu wrote the other time. We have been fed so much nonsense against the Igbos that made us hate them so much. It will not happen anymore. You claim to hate them and yet you don’t want them to walk away from your Nigeria. Isn’t that funny and ironical? Free them and let them go if you hate. I’m a northerner but I regret being one. Despite the number of years my people have ruled Nigeria, north remain the den or poverty and criminality. The Igbos you hate and marginalize do better than all of you. Take Fed govt interest away from Lagos, the yoruba nation will become a mess. Enough is enough.

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