Nigerian Army disowns video clip on security operations in Orlu

Nigerian Army
Nigerian Army

The Nigerian Army has disowned a video clip circulating on social media concerning its ongoing internal security in Orlu, Imo state.

Deputy Director, Public Relations Department, 82 Division of the Nigerian Army, Col. Aliyu Yusuf, on Wednesday, said this in a statement in Enugu.

“The attention of the Division had been drawn to an orchestrated video clip by an unpatriotic element, being circulated on the social media, claiming to be a soldier by name Joseph from Bayelsa.

“Preliminary investigation revealed that it was a calculated attempt to maliciously fabricate sensational stories to cause resentment and smear campaign against Nigerian Army Internal Security Operations.

“The supposed individual in the video was not bold enough to reveal his true identity as claimed or present his so-called military uniform and identity card which were deliberately obscured to deceive innocent target audience.

“The Nigerian Army recognises the right of citizens to hold and share opinions on social media and not to spread divisive contents by unpatriotic individuals,” Yusuf said.

He added: “This mischievous misrepresentation of facts, misinformation and fabrication of outright falsehood as deliberately captured in the video clip are been orchestrated in the social media to tarnish the good image and reputation of the military.

“This great disservice is not acceptable by any standard.

“It is worth to note that Nigerian Army troops deployed for Internal Security Operations are guided by extant rules and regulations as stipulated in Nigerian Army Code of Conducts and Rules of Engagement in line with global best practices.

“The general public is therefore urged to disregard the false information contained in the video.”


  1. What security problems do you have in Imo state not to mention a peaceful small town of ORLU that could push you to go up there and drop bombs on innocent defenceless Igbos? If what we are seeing in that video and the subsequent bombardment is your plan for NDIGBO just get ready for an evenly distributed violence because NDIGBO will definitely fight back. There are consequences for the airstrikes taken on ORLU and more devastating consequences for any more strikes you Northern bloodthirsty animals intend to carry out. Very many targets to hit that will cripple this useless country the North call theirs.

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