Niger Delta militants threaten bombing Lagos, Abuja [Video]

Masked Niger Delta militant making the threat of attacks on Tuesday
Masked Niger Delta militant making the threat of attacks on Tuesday

By Abankula

Niger-Delta militants are threatening to attack Lagos and Abuja, some four years after they ceased fire.

In a viral video, the Supreme Egbesu Liberation Fighters accused the federal government of marginalising the region and failing to deliver on the amnesty programme.

A masked member of the group said: “After accepting the amnesty pact, till date, there are no schools, no potable water, no light, no hospital and access roads for our people to enjoy”.

He also complained that “no meaningful progress has been made” with the Ogoni clean-up project “because the Nigerian government has decided to place politics against the meaningful development of our people”.

It asked the government to allow the region to manage its resources “the way Zamfara gold mining sector is being handled by their own people”.

“Over the years, the Niger Delta people have made frantic efforts to create an enabling environment… but to our great dismay, the Nigerian government over the years has decided to handle the issues of the Niger Delta with kid gloves.

“They have betrayed the struggle and have left the people to their fate.

“Rather, what is visible is the presence of military gunboat and the numerous military personnel dispersed to the Niger Delta who are killing, raping, and maiming the innocent people of the region.”

Watch the video:


  1. I can’t understand the reason why Lagos can be a target for Egbesu attack because Lagos had ceased to be the federal capital city long time ago and as such has nothing whatsoever to do with the distribution of the country’s largesse. If Egbesu has any problem with the federal government, it should direct its attention to Abuja and leave Lagos alone. If anything, Lagos too has been long neglected by the federal government.

    • True! They should attack NDDC that failed to bring to live the promises of the FG, although the FG can not be exonerated from the failure of NDDC because they control the management and make the appointments.

      They should also attack the governors to demand transparency on the utilisation of the 13% accrued to the states.

      Live lagos alone. It’s our centre of Excellence and tourism.

  2. So now wetin concern Lagos in this matter wey make you include Lagos among the cities you’re threatening to attack? Federal sit of power dey for Asso Rock in Abuja so go and raze Asso Rock down you have my support but please leave Lagos out of it because the one wey the Nigeria army and APC government do during end SARS protests never comot from our hearts

  3. We have heard your voice . Got the message . We have had enough of the excesses of the North. Now waiting for your ACTIONS. Hit the targets hard . Please don’t chicken out like the AVENGERS. Don’t retreat, Don’t surrender until your aims are achieved. God knows that it’s a just cause. He will see you through.

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