A’Court Judges: PFN condemns Buhari’s one-sided appointment

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President Buhari

By Jethro Ibileke/Benin

President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Rev. (Dr.) Felix Omobude has condemned what he described as President Muhammadu Buhari’s one-sided appointment.

Omobude in a statement on Wednesday, in Benin, Edo state, stated that the glaring marginalization of Christians in appointments into federal government offices by the Buhari-led government, could further negatively affect the unity of the country.

He noted that Nigeria has never been as divided the way it is now under the present administration.

He added that the PFN was most saddened with the on-going appointment exercise in the judiciary, where only adherents of a particular religion are favoured for appointment as Court of Appeal Justices, at the expense of merit and equity.

The PFN leader expressed displeasure that over the years, some Nigerian politicians and top government functionaries have hijacked religion and continue to fester their desires to pursue their selfish ambition.

“PFN is deeply saddened that out of 13 nominees from the northern part of the country for elevation to the Court of Appeal, not a single Christian is among them.

“This unacceptable situation has further buttressed the fact that the nation’s judicial system has been hijacked, politicized and an object of ridicule.

“This is one of the reasons why some Nigerians are fast losing confidence in the nation’s judicial process.

“The PFN hereby calls on President Muhammadu Buhari and all those concerned in the appointment of Justices to the nation’s Court of Appeal, to revisit the issue and ensure that fairness and justice are done, irrespective of religious and ethnic background.

“The PFN will not continue to bemoan such brazen acts of provocation and unfairness, as the Fellowship will henceforth take all necessary lawful steps to defend and protect the interests of its marginalized members.

“PFN has always called for justice, fairness and equity in all governmental activities, because to subvert a man of his rights on the basis of his religion is corruption.

“PFN once again, calls on President Mohammadu Buhari to stand by his promise that he is for every Nigerian, because the country belongs to all Nigerians.

“PFN also, therefore, called on President Buhari to quickly call on whosoever is concerned to correct the imbalance in the on-going appointment to the Court of Appeal and every other areas of government where imbalance exist,” Omobode said.


  1. The PFN is full of fools and the brainless. How many Muslims in Edo, Delta, Ekiti and Ondo states are given government appointed? Talkless of the South east. The President is not responsible for the appointment justices of the Appeal court is the Judicial Council headed by their President. Useless people.

  2. What is wrong with my people? Stop complaining or talking to this lifeless demon. He wouldn’t listen to anyone. He is on a mission to northernize and islamize Nigeria. Let’s do the needful. Join the agitation for the break up of Nigeria. Everything has crumbled. Nigeria has more or less broken up. Can’t you see it? Does this country belong to only the North?

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