27 Kagara students, 15 others not yet released by abductors [Updated]

Some of the bandits during negotiation
Some of the bandits during negotiation

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

The 27 students of Government Science College, Kagara, Niger State and 15 others have not been released by their abductors.

Mary Noel-Berje, Chief Press Secretary to Governor Abubakar Sani Bello corrected the earlier report that the students and others abducted 17 February have been released.

“Those released are the NSTA bus abductees and they have just arrived Government House, while efforts are being intensified to get the Kagara students released”, she clarified.

She appealed to the public to stop mixing the the stories.

“Please I will want to draw the attention of the general public to stop mixing up the story”, she wrote on Twitter.

Twenty-seven students of the Government Science School, three staff and 12 family members were abducted by gunmen last week Wednesday in Kagara Local Government.

There have been negotiations between the bandits and the Niger State Government for their release after the intervention of Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi

Earlier, Governor Abubakar Sani Bello announced the release of the abducted passengers of Niger State Mass Transit bus.

He announced their release on Twitter today, one week after they were captured.

The passengers were abducted by the bandits, while travelling from Kontagora to Minna on 14 February.

On 17 February, the RPG wielding bandits released video and photos of the captives, threatening to kill them.

Governor Bello did not indicate whether ransom was paid to get the captives released.

In a tweet on Monday, he said 53 passengers were abducted, far more than the 21 bandied about before.

*Updated with the clarification from Mary Noel-Berje, chief Press secretary.

Also updated with Governor Sani Bello’s tweet today Monday 22 February


  1. Nigeria is one of the most insecure places in the world today and it’s clearly hazardous to live in any part of the country. In my opinion, this problem can’t be divorced from the low level quality of the country’s leadership. The voters, too, can’t be exonerated from blame because they voted the people to office. When saying this, I am not referring to the poor, illiterate masses alone. It’s very sad to find even educated and well-to-do Nigerians playing politics of the belly to get ill-qualified, unpopular people into various political offices. One recent case is the one that took place in Edo state. I was Obaseki’s one year junior in Ibadan and I know him very well despite not been from the same Faculty or State. It came to me as one of the greatest shockers of my life when I found out that two people from his home State, Edo were among those who testified against him and that he did not graduate from Ibadan. The fact that they hail from the same state will imply that there’s no way they wouldn’t have known him. And, in reality, although I am not from Edo, I happen to know all of them. What irks me is that they could have the gut to make false testimony against one of their own. Such is the sorry state of things in the country.
    Another thing I will want to say is that it is inappropriate to create any avenue for dialogue with bandit’s or whatever you call them. How can the country allow Sheikh Gumi to represent it in any form of dialogue with criminals? This ought to be discouraged. What is the responsibility of the country’s security forces in the scheme of things?

    • … there’s no way they wouldn’t have known him because the three of them were contemporaries graduating about the same time at the same University of Ibadan. Given the scanty population at that time, could it have been possible for the three not to know each other, to the extent of giving testimony in a court against one of their colleagues in the name of politics? It couldn’t have happened anywhere else.

  2. AREWA CONSULTATIVE DRAMA. Maga don pay students are back. Next? Which school is next on the line? The most corrupt and dangerous place in the world as we speak is the Northern region of Nigeria.

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