Rochas Okorocha being taken away by the police

Here is the photo story of ex-Governor Rocha Okorocha’s battle to repossess Royal Palm Estate seized by Governor Hope Uzodimma’s government

Okorocha wanted to repossess the Royal Palm Estate on Akachi Road.

The estate was seized by the Uzoddimma government on grounds that it was built with state money.

The state had similarly taken over the university built by Okorocha and bearing a similar name.

Okorocha at the police station

One of the people injured in the fracas in Owerri

Agents of the government challenged Okorocha after he broke the lock of the estate gate.

This led to a free for all fight as several vehicles were damaged.

Some people also sustained injuries.

The police later took Okorocha away.

(See array of vehicles damaged: