Tigran Gertz

Coach and mentor Tigran Gertz has been able to use YouTube as a launchpad for his success, but he didn’t know it starting out.

He began mowing lawns in high school to make extra cash while struggling through his courses. But one day he realized where the money was and what he wanted to do.

“After paying my friends $10 an hour cash, [I] counted up the money and realized that day I profited $1000. [I was] completely blown away and was shocked. That was the day I realized I won’t be going to college after I graduate high school. That was the day I began to have massive confidence in myself.”

This confidence laid the foundation for his next big move; showcasing his work online.

“The biggest problem YouTube solved for me was customers knowing you could do the job. Since I was young and had little experience, I decided to start making time-lapse videos of projects and posting on YouTube for customers to see them. Wasn’t planning on having an audience…”

But he did get an audience. After seeing how much of a difference YouTube made, Gertz found that money wasn’t the most valuable asset his company had. “Obscurity. If people don’t know me, they will never do business with me. I need the entire planet to know my name. Attention is the new currency.”

The value of an audience is still one of the core tenets of Gertz business strategy. But he found a way to build up his audience too, turning the knowledge from his own success into a valuable coaching business that works cohesively with his landscaping.