Jorge de la Concepción

“For me, people are not just a number,” Jorge de la Concepción says of his massive social media presence.

“People come first and money follows, not the other way around.” For more than a decade, Jorge has established himself as an elite health and fitness coach and mentor, focusing on solidifying his social media presence. However, his career has been far from an overnight success.

Jorge was born into a humble family in Havana, Cuba, and remained there until migrating to the United States when he was 10 years old.

During his teenage years, Jorge had big goals and aspirations, but he struggled to figure out which career path would best help him achieve them. After years of bouncing around from job to job, feeling lost and unsatisfied, Jorge decided that he needed to go into business for himself in order to reach his goals.

Although he was motivated by financial success, Jorge wanted to ensure that he was passionate about this endeavor. He desired to grow his business by helping others and making a positive impact in their lives. Instead of focusing on his obstacles, Jorge decided to view challenges as opportunities for growth.

At the age of 23, after joining a Network Marketing company that focused on nutrition and wellness, Jorge quickly recognized that this platform was a valuable opportunity to make a positive impact and improve people’s health and lives. He says, “I’ve always been passionate for health and fitness, so doing something that allowed me to live out my passion every single day was a no-brainer.”

Today at 32, Jorge shines as an example of what can be achieved with hard work, determination, and the genuine desire to help people.

He remains passionate about staying fit and helping others do the same. No matter the level of success he has reached, he feels it is his obligation to continue to make a positive impact on the lives of those around him.

He says, “Helping people improve their lives both physically and financially is my passion, as well as my responsibility.”

With this mindset, he has inspired millions through a variety of social media platforms and public speaking. He says, “Some people are confused and think that they need money or they need to know the right people when starting a business, not realizing all that can happen with the right mindset. Mindset comes first.”

Jorge de la Concepción is a health and fitness entrepreneur based out of Miami, FL, where he lives with his wife, Disney, and their two children, Lucas and Jade.