Comedian OluwaKaponeski honourably discharged from US Army

Comedian Oluwakaponeski
Comedian Oluwakaponeski

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Comedian Oluwakaponeski, popularly known as ‘Mama Tobi’, has been honourably discharged from the US Armed Forces after serving diligently.

The much-loved comedian whose real name is Oluwatobi Onibated took to social media to share the latest update on his service with the United States Marine Corps.

He shared photos of himself while he was still in active service and snapshots of his discharge certificate. In a letter that accompanied his certificate, he was commended for his honourable service.

“It has been a privilege of my life to have served in a proficient and industrious manner. no greater honor accrues to any citizen. Did something for my Family. Once a Marine. Always a Marine @marines. To everyone that impacted my life on this journey. Thank you,” he wrote on Instagram.

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