Dylan Baker

With a strong work ethic born from having multiple blue-collar jobs, Dylan Baker laid the foundation for his success in automation. But he didn’t start out there. He followed the same path that countless others do, by looking to a college degree as his ticket to a better life.

However, once Baker was enrolled, he encountered trouble not only in completing his degree, but in figuring out why he should. “I believe you can learn most necessary skills in the real world, without ever going to college. College may help you with writing a paper, or maybe help you with interacting with others, but you can learn both of those and basically anything else in the real world by simply taking action on them.”

Finally, his dissatisfaction overcame the idea that college could help him. Baker dropped out and continued to work odd jobs to get by.

For a few years, it seemed as though he had lost his chance to improve his life and resigned himself to the daily grind. Baker worked in an assembly line in a Toyota factory for nearly four years when he happened across an Instagram ad promoting selling on Amazon. It caught his attention and, since he could control how much of his time he gave to this new opportunity, decided to give it a try while still working his normal job.

“It definitely helped me take the initial jump into Amazon Automation, but the driving factor into me getting into this was my hate for the job I had and the fear of ending up like so many others who spend their life doing something they hate and wasting away their life.”

Time was always more valuable to Baker then money and he wanted to know how to succeed without giving all of his away. Over the course of a few months, he began to rely on his checks from Amazon. When they were enough to substitute his regular income, he had to make a decision. Should he continue to work the way he knew how or risk all that he knew trying to learn about passive income?

“Although it’s not easy, the life you want is more attainable than you think and automation is a great tool to help you get there.” Baker had to learn through trial and error but even as he struggled his money steadily grew.

Now Baker makes six figures without having to report to a job and can spend his time doing what he loves. And what he loves is teaching others how to accomplish all that he has.

“I want to change as many lives as possible with automation. I believe that we’re only given a limited amount of time on this earth, and we need to spend it doing the things we love with the people we love. So many people spend their entire life at a job they hate living paycheck to paycheck.”

If you want to follow Dylan’s journey on Instagram to learn more, he’s always posting valuable content for his followers to inspire them along their journey.