An operative of the Anambra State Face Mask Enforcement Team whisking away one of those arrested for not wearing a face mask in Onitsha on Tuesday.
Photo credit: Naija Cover

Onitsha on Tuesday witnessed serious pandemonium as Anambra State Face Mask Enforcement Team arrested residents who defaulted by refusing to wear their face masks.

The task force which was a combined team of operatives of the Police, Prison officials, traffic wardens and members of OCHA brigade, bounced on defaulters and hurdled them into a waiting mobile cell popularly called Black Maria for onward movement to the mobile court.

According to online reports, the incident happened at the Ogbommanu Junction, Onitsha and other places.

The arrests left a lot of people running as many left their shops and fled.

Some unfortunate ones were captured and dragged to the Black Maria.

Also, some tricycle operators, popularly known as Keke napep, and bus drivers who got wind of the situation, negotiated U-turn and fled.

Many others who had their facemasks inside their pockets, handbags or chin scampered for and fastened their facemasks.

It was indeed a full drama sketch as people literally laughed out their hearts.

The climax of it all was when a product promoter, a young man was demonstrating his dancing skill along the road without a facemask.

An official promptly lifted him from the back and landed him on the Black Maria while crying for help.