Bloodletting in Shasha Ibadan must stop now – Atiku

Atiku Abubakar: lauds plans to sell off refineries
Atiku Abubakar

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Nigeria’s former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar on Monday said the bloodletting in Shasha area of Ibadan, Oyo State must stop now.

Several people lost their lives after a clash triggered by the fatal stabbing of a cobbler by a cart pusher in Shasha market, Ibadan, Oyo State, degenerated into an ethnic conflict.

Within hours, the conflict spread beyond the market, as the Hausa and Yoruba communities in Akinyele Local Government Area, where the market is located, went after each other.

Reacting to this, Atiku said the state of origin of every Nigerian is Nigeria and that every Nigerian had the right to live anywhere in the country.

“The state of origin of every Nigerian is Nigeria. Nigeria gave birth to the states. The states did not give birth to Nigeria.

“Every Nigerian state must be 100% for 100% of all Nigerians, 100% of the time. No exception. Therefore, the bloodletting must stop in Sasa, and stop in every other locality,” he stated.


  1. Atiku Abubakar,we thought you are educated, do you know that the acronym ‘Nigeria’ came after 1914? so for your information northern and southern protectorate existed before Nigeria.

  2. I am Sure this man called ATIKU have brain problem and you are reason from your ANUS, why can too allow FULANI AND AWUSA to come and selling there Malu inside your living room, ashole

  3. Point of correction Mr. Atiku , State of origin of every Nigerian is not Nigeria. We have two protectorates Northern and Southern protectorates amalgamated in 1914 by the British. What a mistake. Nigeria MUST be de amalgamated NOW. The North has been a burden and a problem to the South.

    • So what is the problems when Nigeria de amalgmate, since the North have enough to feed themselves.
      Same southerners they don’t to know North , we have the necessary resources to develop North like Europe.

  4. Mr. Atiku pls u’re a bad product keep ur dirty statement to urself. U can’t comments on what is happening here in Naija stay where u are and leave us alone as u always did.

    • I am sure this man called ATIKU has a brain problem well you are FULANI JANJAWI family of BUHARI stupid and ashole l dont blame you am sure you are reason from your Anu, why not telling FULANI AND AWUSA to come and take up your living room and selling there Malu there .. DUDU.. Nigeria dont forget you and Obasajo , you cant never be a president of this Nigeria .. DUDE

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