Pastor Sarah Omakwu sends warning to comedians

Sarah Omakwu

An Abuja based cleric has cautioned both Christian and non-christian comedians to refrain from using Christianity or any other religion for entertainment.

Sarah Omakwu, Senior Pastor of Family Worship Centre (FWC) in Abuja, gave the caution on Sunday in Abuja during her Bible teaching series on “How to Love God”.

Omakwu said that part of loving God is to reverence him and to defend the gospel of Jesus Christ and all He represents.

“Making jokes about Christianity is provoking and a mockery to God and to those who believe in God, in Jesus and in Christianity.

“Comedians should stop using God’s words for comedy and other forms of entertainment.

“Comedians should stop throwing jokes about the word of God, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Communion, anointing oil, deliverance and powers.

“Christian comedians, especially, ought to be telling the world about God and not making Christianity look like a joke to those whom they ought to be evangelizing to,” she said.

She cautioned Christians to refrain from reposting ‘silly’ comedy about the gospel of Christ and about pastors and men of God.

According to her, most of the comedies are not funny, but silly and provoking to those who believe.

“If other religions do not joke about their religion, why should Christians joke about theirs.

“Loving and knowing God include reverencing God, fearing him and honouring him both in words and in action.

“If comedians must tell jokes to entertain the people, they should use the things of the world to entertain the world.

“Christians should follow the examples of the three Hebrew boys in Daniel 3:16-18 in the Bible, who were ready to lose their lives in order to defend the gospel of Christ.

“Same thing with Daniel in the Bible who was thrown into the lions’ den.

“All these are examples that today’s Christians should emulate,” she said.

Omakwu said that Christians must be intentional in defending the gospel, not in a way to incite or cause trouble but in a way that pleases God and to draw men to Him.

She noted that in an attempt to curb the attitude of telling Christian jokes which she considered to be provoking, a ban was placed from telling Christian jokes on the church altar.


  1. Sarah Omakwu, why don’t you concern yourself to preaching salvation? Is comedians your problems or problems with pastors, bishops, etc.? When are you going to stop defrauding people in tithes and offerings? When are you going to stop lying to the people? Sarah Omakwu, you are a fraud. Check yourself.

  2. God bless you for this piece of advice. The alarming aspect of this evil is that most Pentecostal Pastors use these comedians to spice their programmes. These Commercial Pastors use the presence of these Comedians to draw people to their programmes. What a sacrilege!

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