Makinde can’t be my leader, not proactive about herders-Farmers crisis – Fayose

Fayose now accepts Makinde as South West PDP leader
Fayose now accepts Makinde as South West PDP leader
Fayose and Makinde

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose has emphasized that Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State cannot be his leader.

He spoke in an interview on Channels TV, Sunday Politics.

He said he is not in a tussle of leadership with Makinde, but that the Oyo governor could not come out and say he is his leader.

“I am not in a tussle of leadership with Governor Makinde, but he can’t come out and say he is my leader, he is not my leader, No he is not. The fact that my son is the governor and I had to get up when he comes to a function does not mean he is my leader.

“The gentleman is a governor and I must respect his office. Governor Makinde by all standard is the only governor in the Southwest, all South South leaders are PDP governors. Who is the leaders of the governors? Because he is the only one we have, I used to be like that and I never said to anyone, I am the leader of the west.

“If he wants to be addressed like that, it is okay, but the fact that I got up for my son, a governor at a function, does it mean he is my father? He is not my leader. Is governor Sanwo-Olu the leader of Asiwaju in Lagos? Is governor Ambode the leader of Tinubu in Lagos? Or governor Wike, is he the leader of Odili?

“Please, I have to choose my language, we have to choose it, I just told you will, Makinde probably be 31 or 32 years when I was governor in 2003. I am his brother, he is the leader in the Southwest by reason of his office, when we go out, we say your excellency but when we are at home we are his fathers,” he stated.

On the farmers-herders crisis, Fayose said Makinde needed to be more proactive, as Oyo is a big State.

“Look at the incident in Igangan, when a similar thing took place in Ekiti, I took charge immediately, I slept in that community that day. Immediately they mentioned names, I went to look for them, I brought everybody to round-table and this thing I am telling you, I have told governor Makinde.

“I sat him down and I told him, your Excellency, borrow from my experience, we are generals in this field. From all experience, Makinde will probably be about 32 years when I was governor. Governor of Kogi will probably be 28 years when I was governor, I know what I am saying.

“I was governor in the second set with the like of Governor Tinubu. Share experience, the fact that you are a governor does not bring wisdom to you, money alone is not enough, We must pay attention to the governance of our state more than politics,” he added.


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