Lekki Tollgate: I and others were thoroughly beaten by police – Mr. Macaroni

Mr Macaroni
Mr Macaroni

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Popular comedian Debo Adebayo, also known as Mr Macaroni has narrated his experience after he and 39 others were arrested at the Lekki Tollgate, Lagos for protesting the re-opening of the toll plaza.

He said he and others were thoroughly beaten and stripped naked at the Adeniji Police Station where they were taken to after the arrest.

Macaroni, in  series of videos on twitter, said his father and friends warned him against participating in the protest, but did not heed their calls.

“My father, my friends all called me and they said I should not go out and in all honesty I did not want to go out. The only reason I went there was that I wanted to be there. I knew people will die again and I saw it. I was at Lekki Phase 1 and I was about shooting, that is to tell you that I did not really want to go because I was scared.

“The situation we are in, in this country is dip shit, you cannot blame anyone. People are scared for their lives. Do you think I am not scared? People are scared for their lives. We are in a government that has zero value for human lives.

“I saw it with my eyes, when we were picked up, we were taking to Adeniji where we were beaten, stripped naked, everyone was beaten. It was the 39 people out there that gave me the ginger to go out, they are the true heroes and heroine. Have we got justice for what happen last year? And you want to open the tollgate.

“You over 200 policemen outside and does it mean you cannot guarantee peaceful protest? You are all irresponsible, we were beaten, it is serious war out there, these people don’t care, they will kill anybody. You cannot continue to oppress us,” he narrated.



  1. You wanted to protest the reopening of the toll gate. if it is your personal business will you be saying the samething? Many people properties that were destroyed because of your last illthought protest are yet to get over it. Meanwhile, the organisers of the last one, including your humble self have move on in life with their businesses. Some of them spread lies on social media to seek political asylum in various countries of the world.

  2. The Governor of Lagos, Tinubu, the Senators, Representatives and the President sent the security people to molest and kill the people that voted for them because they are protesting for their right. What a shame! They cannot fight Boko Haram. I will see what will happen when we all carry arms.

    • So because they voted for the governor then they should just go on the streets destroying and disrupting businesses of other law abiding citizens??

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