#OccupyLekkiTollgate: Lagos Police descend on protesters, many arrested

Some of those arrested by the police at the Lekki Tollgate
Some of those arrested by the police at the Lekki Tollgate

By Muhaimin Olowoporoku

Officers of the Lagos State Police Command on Saturday arrested several protesters who came to the Lekki Tollgate to protest the re-opening of the Tollgate.

One of the arrested protesters

The police had warned people to stay away from the tollgate and took over the place since last night,

But some protesters under #OccupyLekkiTollgate still found their way to the area and were arrested.

About 18 protesters were reportedly arrested by the heavily armed policemen

A protester arrested

Coordinators  #OccupyLekkiTollgate, Kunle Ajayi said many of his people have been arrested by the police and put in a Black Maria and are about to be taken to an unknown destination.

Also, the police arrested three other suspected protesters at the toll gate around 9:30am. The suspected protesters while being dragged into the Black Maria shouted repeatedly, ‘what have I done? Can’t I Walk in my own country?”

Protesters arrested

One arrested suspect identified himself as Christopher, saying he is a site engineer going to Lekki and just got picked up.

Another arrested suspect who identified himself as Adesegun Ayo said he was just picked up and has done nothing.

Arrested protesters in Black Maria

The arrested suspects have been taken away in a police van from the venue of the planned protest.

They were taken away in a Black Maria belonging to the Lekki Concession Company, LCC.


  1. This is pure absolute nonsense and abuse of human right both on both Federal and Lagos state government showing they do not have the common masses at heart and no conscience.

    So Nigerian government both Federal and state who can not fixed the issue of insecurities ( no no Hasan, bandits, kidnappers etc) have the ordesity to bring massive and fully armed security to fight harmless citizens depriving them of their fundamental human right to stage peaceful protests against injustice and abuse if power.

    The Lord Jesus Christ will judge both secrets and open deeds.

    The time is at hand to know who are on the Lord’s side

    It is well and God bless Nigeria!

    • You must be insane. No responsible government will allow political contractors and yahoo yahoo boys and girls masquerading as innocent demonstrators breach the peace in the state. You guys are lucky that defend lagos organisers pulled out. I would personally have come out to do justice to you bustards that almost destroyed lagos and crippled businesses.

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