London-based rapper RainyMilli talks about the disadvantages of uploading music to big platforms such as GRM Daily versus uploading on your own channel.

According to Milli in a blog post on his blog, artistes in 2021 need to be more independent and one of the ways to do so is to take charge of their own music publishing and marketing.

“To get your video on a platform like GRM Daily which is Europe’s biggest urban music video platform costs around £300.”

RainyMilli argues that such money can be better spent on promoting your video directly on your channel versus on a platform that does little or nothing to support up-and-coming artiste’s content.

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To prove this, he compared the views of his last two videos.

His music video “Eko to London” was uploaded to GRM Daily 2 years ago, the video currently has 57,000 views. (Keep in mind that GRM Daily has over 3 Million subscribers.)

On the other hand, his other music video “JJC” has over 412,000 views on his personal channel with less than 1,000 subscribers.

RainyMilli’s point is – in 2021, it’s much more profitable for artistes to invest in their own marketing and be pro-active in doing so.