If cheating is your lifestyle, adopt polygamy: Nollywood actress

Grace Ifemeludike
Chioma Grace Ifemeludike

A Nollywood actress and a filmmaker, Grace Ifemeludike have advised men who see cheating as a lifestyle to adopt polygamy instead of engaging in sexual immorality.

Ifemeludike took to her Instagram page @ Ifemeludike official on Tuesday night to express her displeasure over the rate of adultery among married men in Africa.

The actress described the development as “very pathetic’’, attributing it to lost in values.

She wrote; “It seems side chick movement is gaining momentum in our society.

“People no longer see anything wrong in it, they base their argument on who should be blamed, the cheating husband or unofficial wife (a.k.a side chick).

“My question is what happens to our value system, morals and Christianity? Why are we even deceiving ourselves in Africa?

“If one man, one wife isn’t working, can’t we just encourage polygamy rather than increasing sexual immorality and disloyalty?”

The actress encouraged men to consult their wives if they feel one wife was no longer working for them.

“As a man, if you feel one wife is not working for you, talk to your wife and have an understanding rather than sneaking around like bush rat (as you consider this please remember the economic situation),” she said.

She also advised young women not to allow their current situation to make them become bedmate for married men but to settle for a man they would build a home with.

“Dear young girl, don’t settle for less, go for the best man with who you can build a home with.

“Don’t let your current situation lead you into a lifetime mistake and never allow any man to convince you to be his bedmate.

“You have more to offer and if they truly care about you, then they should make you official wife. We need to stop the deceit and be true to ourselves for once.

“The rate at which some end-time influencers try to normalise cheating in the name of the side chick is pathetic, cheating is cheating and it is a sin before God and man,” she added.

Grace Ifemeludike has been in the Nigerian movie industry for more than nine years and has featured in more than 100 Nigerian movies.

She’s the brain behind the YouTube series, “Corpers Heaven’’.


  1. Christianity imposed this culture of one man one wife to Africa . And it seems , historoy is not going to just dies. Culture is deep rooted. African culture has always been poligamy.
    It shows wealth and responsibility.
    Yes it shows wealth and responsibility. Men cheat sometimes in process of helping a young girl financially . And offcourse as adults, they find themselves on bed. Yet Christianity says do not marry another wife. But will not sy do not assist unmarried girl.
    Girls who go for assistance to a married man equally know that they will offer sex in return.
    Even deep down woman, they are ready to marry a married man. That’s our real life style.
    So a lot of decisiones should be made.
    I do not think men see it as cheating . Men see it still as a right . Or show of wealth. Eveeywoman needs a Man

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