Soyinka to Buhari: Speak out now, don’t let herdsmen cause another civil war [Video]

Professor Wole Soyinka
Professor Soyinka during the BBC interview

By Abankula

Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka has told President Muhammadu Buhari to speak out urgently, to stop the herdsmen crisis before it snowballed into a civil war.

In an interview with BBC Pidgin, Soyinka said the herdsmen crisis is already a war now “right on our door steps”.

He said it is expectedly triggering some kind of mobilisation and stressed the urgent need for resolution.

“If we continue to wait for the resolution to be centrally handled, we are all going to become, if not already, slaves in our land”, he said.

He said the situation is simply intolerable and unacceptable.

He said he has made Governor Dapo Abiodun to understand what was going on.

“We are here not just to live, but live in dignity. Right now our dignity is being rubbished”, he said.

Soyinka who lives in Abeokuta inside a forest said his own space has been violated by the herdsmen.

“My forest has been taken over. It’s been shrinking, shrinking. My normal hunting rounds have been shrinking, shrinking”.

He said he has been warned by his family not to venture into the forest again for any game hunting.

Soyinka said Buhari’s silence amid the atrocities committed by the herdsmen, meant he is complicit to their crimes.

He said Buhari should address the nation in very stern and ambiguous terms and admit openly being patron of the Cattle Rearers Association.

He asked him to admit being a cattle rearer himself and a rancher and that it is a business. And that he runs his business on business terms. That he does not do so by killing or raping people. By displacing or torturing, or occupying land that does not belong to him.

He urged the President to warn the cattle rearers to leave people’s land and order the army and other security agencies to back citizens’ efforts to flush them out.

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  1. Fulanis in whole(the totality of them around the work) is less than 10 million yet the yorubas(50 million plus), Igbos(48 million plus) Tiv & Idoma(30million plus), Ijaws & eifk(30 million plus), in addition to other groupings have allowed FULANI KILLER HERDSMEN to terrorize them. It’s a big shame. If you can unite, it won’t take more than a month to flush them out, hunt them down wherever they may be in the whole of sub-sahara Africa. This is doable. The Hausas are good and wonderful people, they are meek. Efforts must be made to separate Hausas from the Fulanis, for Hausas are also victims of buhari’s wickedness. The time is NOW

  2. I cannot wait for the civil war to break. We need to know who we are. . I am praying for the war every day because we need it since peaceful co existence and conference and restructuring did not help.

  3. Buhari is the BIGGEST PROBLEM Nigeria ever had.

    He is worse than a pandemic.

    It would take Nigeria at least 35 years of hard work and soul searching to overcome the unending list of crisis and woes inflicted on her by Buhari.

    Buhari has finished Nigeria. With Buhari in power Nigeria has come to a dead end.

    The worst ethnic leaning President Nigeria ever had. Such a village tyrant. Prejudiced, bigoted, clannish, sadistic, nepotistic, divisive, callous and out rightly unjust and in humane.

    If Nigeria dies. Buhari killed her.

    What a situation. I take a stroll. Nonsense.

  4. No State in the South and middle belt should wait for Buhari to speak out against the HERDSMEN because he will not. He is pushing and arming them to go on. The war has started. Get rid of them in your areas. Apply whatever means available. Flush them out .

  5. Those who voted Buhari did not know who they voted. Even former President Obasanjo who should have known better lamented he did not know the person of President Buhari who he recommended against President Jonathan in 2015 election. We do not hope to see another civil war in Nigeria soon. But if Buhari ignores the herdsmen brutality and kidnappings of other tribes in Nigeria from Middle Belt to South West, to South East to South South, the civil war will not be like Biafran war against Nigeria. But It will be a war of all oppressed tribes against the Fulanis. This may become a Sudan / South Sudan war incarnation in Nigeria. We do not want war, but Buhari should shake off his Fulani tribal sentiments and consider other tribes in Nigeria as Nigerians not as Fulani.

  6. Not talking to people on burning national issues is part of Buhari’s big ego. Our country will never be the same again even if Buhari leaves office today. He doesn’t see beyond the Fulani tribe which he belongs; the well is so poisoned we can’t drink from it. I think he came as a punishment to Nigeria to see how far we have come.

  7. Dotard Buhari won’t speak out because he lacks the traits of a good leader. He doesn’t care about what is going on in Nigeria. Buhari has been a failure on many fronts. He’s broken his promises to Nigerians concerning security, electricity, corruption and education. I supported him when he was running to become the President of Nigeria but no more. He is unfit to be the President.

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