Segalink and #EndSARS movement

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

There is outrage on social media as activist, Segun Awosanya, popularly known as Segalink finally bites #EndSARS movement.

#EndSARS movement was started by Segalink to protest the brutality of SARS operative nationwide and to call for an end of SARS. The protest was meant to be three days, but after three days, the feminist movement and others hijacked it.

In the course of the protest, Segalink pulled out, saying the purpose has been defeated because the feminist movement has hijacked the protest.

But on Saturday, Segalink cast the important vote for the re-opening of Lekki Tollgate that had been shut since October 20, 2020 after soldiers allegedly shot at #EndSARS protesters.

There was an uproar at the sitting on Saturday. Five of the nine panel members voted that Lekki Concession Company, LCC, should re-open and take possession of the tollgate, but four others, mainly activists kicked against it. Segalink voted on the side of government.

On twitter, Segalink has been trending since Saturday till Sunday.

A Twitter user, Williams said “Sega will soon write a thread filled with usual thesaurus abuse telling you why he voted to open Lekki Toll Gate.. My own is, every atrocity against #EndSARS protesters should be well documented.. Because Omo, we need to be brutal in writing out history, very brutal.”

According to Odogwu, “Niggas were defending SegaLink because they did not like Feminist Co only for him to vote for Lekki Toll to be opened. A mockery to the people that died there, Is that your fucking King? There was no Agenda against Sega he is a Shameless Fraud.”

Ayo Sogunro said, “More importantly, Sega‘s attitude is not unique. It is probably what millions of Nigerians will do: we will act as ‘mediator’ between victims and oppressor when the victim is peaceful. But when the victim fights in anger, we then take the side of the oppressor who has the power.”

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But Segalink fought back on Sunday, saying that “Think for a bit if we agreed with the obviously biased group seeking to use the panel to settle an old score with LCC, you don’t think LCC will appeal such decision and still take back their property having established that we no longer have anything to do there?

“Who will you call when armed robbers strikes after shutting down those instituted to curb this due to claims of investigation especially when it can work concurrently with their operation? Think deeply about those misleading you to think you have been betrayed. You’re being used.”