Sunday Igboho: K1’s daughter blasts Nigerians donating money

Dami Ayinde Marshal
Dami Ayinde Marshal and her dad, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal (K1 de Ultimate.

Dami Ayinde Marshal, one of the daughters of Nigeria’s veteran Fuji musician, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, has blasted Nigerians both home and abroad who are making cash donations for to controversial activist, Sunday Igboho after the attack by suspected herdsmen.

Some Nigerians had set up a go-fund-me for Igboho after following his issuance of quit notice to herdsmen in South West.

Dami who took to social media to react to the development said anyone who donates money to Igboho will not know peace.

Dami who via her Snapchat stories, relating the Ife/Modakeke ethnic crisis where Igboho was said to have been actively involved, with the current herdsmen brouhaha, Dami said granting Igboho in the form of interviews is a means of amplifying the war he is calling for.

In the same vein, she called out media organisations who referred to Igboho as a ‘Yoruba activist’ as team players in the brewing ethnic crises.

See her posts below.



  2. Dami Marshal Ayinde is just as stupid as the father. Don’t people donate money for his father? Omo ale Yoruba! Shio! to you and your alagbe father! Idiot!!

  3. Educated illiterate. Another foolish, uninformed, uneducated remark from a sellout. Who told you that Igboho is trying to cause a war? Were did you got your law degree and when last did you represent a client in any court? Dami, your comment is the silliest and the most absurd pile of words I’ve ever heard and read in my life time…especially coming from someone who is suppose to be an educated one. Just cannot believe it. You are sorely in need of a pure education. Your remark would at least make an iota of sense if you had any viable solution that would do more to solve the problems of Fulani Terrorists. We should focus on enemies and traitors like you and your father within the Yorubas. You are a loon and unbalanced.

  4. KWAM girl, just zip up your purse if anyone approaches you make a donation for a worthy cause and stop castigating those who are willing. And remember, people do borrow ceremonial gown to pose for photographs.
    Since you claimed to be a student of history, can you share your knowledge of those histories?

  5. Dami but when all this fulanis are killing kidnapping collecting ransom you don’t talk now we have some to fight for us now you are calling on dss to do there work a day is coming it can be your family turn they will kidnap them and you will not get any help from anybody mark my words God is not like man

  6. So you can talk now u this daughter of alagbe. in case u dont know, ours fathers’ donations brought you to where you are today. U dis IDIOT

    • Indeed. It seems to me that this is the type of attorney that we call Ambulance Chaser. I would love to see her qualifications when she was admitted to her law school. She is a Traitor.

  7. This is a political fight, between sponsors of Sunday and the politicians who wants to rule the country as a Yoruba.
    It’s deep. No contract any more for her Dad.No more fiat forgiveness as she got for her clients during the flouting of cov19 rules.

  8. I do not blame her. She can afford to talk rubbish because she thinks no harm can come her way. But she is very wrong even if her father can pay whatever Ransom her abductor demands but a whole lot of damage would have been done to her before regaining her freedom. Please young woman mind your utterances.

    • The girl is not but stupid and lack something upstairs, called her a lawyer don’t mean that she acquired that with her brain, because someone with something good upstairs can’t speak anyhow in public just because your father is feeding you with politician money.

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