“Fulani must go”: Edo women protest, block major roads

The protesting women at Uromi on Wednesday
The protesting women at Uromi on Wednesday

By Jethro Ibileke/Benin

Hundreds of women have taken to the streets of Uromi, the administrative headquarters of Esan north-east local government area of Edo state in protest against Fulani herdsmen in their area.

The women accused the Fulani herdsmen of incessant rape and kidnapping.

With pictures of them chanting, #FulanimustGo, the women said they can no longer go to their farms, due to the fear that they may be killed by herdsmen.

The protesting women who came from the main Uromi town and neighboring villages, assembled in the city centre for the protest.

They later formed smaller groups and blocked major roads in the town, chanting solidarity songs, demanding that Fulani herdsmen must leave their communities.

The protesting women

They further alleged that the hoodlums have virtually taken over their farmlands and have always destroyed their farm produce.

A source in the community who spoke to our correspondent said the protest was peaceful but disrupted the free flow of traffic in the town.

As of the time of filing this report, no official statement has been released by the protesters, nor was it possible to get a reaction from police authorities.


  1. Buhari has finished Nigeria.

    What a president.

    What a futile and senseless attempt at subjugation and fulanization of Nigeria by cow loving killers.

    The Fulanis are always shouting one Nigeria. One Nigeria. They held on to power, under developing the country and drawing the progressives backwards with themselves.

    Not done with looting Nigeria’s common wealth and allocating all the government positions and oil blocks to themselves, now they are scheming to take over southerners ancestral lands.

    What a huge mistake. At the end of the crisis. The Fulanis would lose completely everything they have been amassing to the detriment of southerners over the years.

    Fulanis? What a people and their enablers. Insensitive, thoughtless and senseless conquistadors.

    What a situation. I take a stroll. Nonsense.

  2. Fulani herdsmen don’t learnt anything ,they are fools,stupid , in central African they are sacked, in Ghana they are sacked, in burkinafaso they are sacked ,in Nigeria they are sacked, in Cameroon they are sacked, in Benin republic they are sacked, in mali they are sacked etc ,so what are the reasons they was sacked ?,one thing, open grazing of cows and killings of innocent host communities ,kidnapping and armed robbery ,Fulani have cursed themselves in Africa ,and useless atiku is warming up to contest again as a Fulani man

  3. President Buhari should order his brothers to leave these places they alleged Fulani’s (Buhari Brothers) were the brain behind Banditry, Kidnapping, Rape and other heinous crimes.

    Recently Buhari was bold without regret to put over 2000000 Nigerians in the Labor market to check insecurity, Kidnapping and Banditry in Nigeria.

    Since Fulani herders have been identified as the culprits in those areas, let them go for a while and let see if those things shall continue or not..

    One sided Leader and one sided police maker.

    Those Idiots at the Presidency always defend rubbish because of a plate of porridge.

  4. Aisha Yesufu are there? The civilized southern women are calling for the flushing out of your useless fulanis from the South. Can’t you people agitate for your own republic? The South don’t want you again.

  5. From ENDSARS protests to Fulani Must Go. Both directed against the North……. meaning the North should go and leave us alone. Kudos to Edo Women. Other states in the South should follow suite. Drive these animals out.

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