Ex-presidential candidate, Othman Tofa warns against attacks on Fulani

Alhaji Bashir Othman

Alhaji Bashir Othman Tofa, a former presidential candidate of the National Republican Convention, NRC, in the 1993 presidential election, has expressed concern over alleged attacks on northerners, especially the Fulani in the Southern part of Nigeria.

He explained that it was unacceptable and a plan by enemies of the nation to initiate a violent crisis that may lead to the destruction of the country.

Tofa, in a statement, observed that the tension is beginning to brew, saying that if revenge attacks on Southerners begins in the North, it would be difficult to control.

The elder statesman noted that the mayhem seen almost every day of killings and maiming of people of Northern extraction, including the Fulani, in some other parts of the country, is totally unacceptable.

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He observed that, “There is clearly a nefarious plan by the enemies of this potentially great country to initiate a violent crisis that may lead to its destruction.”

Alhaji Bashir Tofa noted that “the enemies are from within and outside, some well-known by our Security Agencies”, stressing that “they are more determined than ever to set us against each other, so that we may get to a point of no return when the conflagration begins.”

The former presidential candidate called on the President to “take the insecurity and the tribal lynching very seriously, and put up urgent measures to deal with them without any more delays.”

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He explained that if any Nigerian would not be allowed to live freely and conduct their lives and businesses in any part of the country without being disturbed or molested or even killed, then no one should be allowed to settle and prosper anywhere else.

According to him, “if that were to be the case, then, we have no country”, adding that “that is how serious it is and that is what our enemies desire, and that is why we must not allow them by our inaction.”

He observed, “Those foolish leaders and their stupid hirelings who encourage the expulsion of other Nigerians from their States, should remember that their own indigenes also live in other parts. They must stop, or the law should stop them by all means necessary.”


  1. It’s hard to believe that Tofa is still senseless after his well publicised and documented exhibition of foolishness and insanity about his voter card in 2003.

    It’s foolish for Buhari to assume that the south could seat idle in perpetuity.

    For several years Buhari’s killer fulani herdsmen have been abducting, raping, killing and butchering southerners without a single word of condemnation from Tofa.

    What an irony, now the south are making concerted efforts to defend themselves and stand up to the Fulanis, Tofa have suddenly woken up. What a man.

    Whoever deceived Buhari to embark on his fulanization agenda has done him and the Fulanis he sought to empower and enable against the generalities of the south a great disservice.

    Unless Buhari and his fulani killer herdsmen stopped their criminal activities, southerners are ever ready to match them in violence, blood for blood inorder to safeguard their lives, their ancestral lands and restore their dignity.

    But if the Fulanis continue with their madness because Buhari has made them untouchables and above the law, the south would fight back and reclaim not only their ancestral lands but all the oil blocks allocated to the Fulanis to the detriment of southerners.

    The Fulanis are going to be the greatest losers whenever the war they have been initiating with their incessant bloodletting in the south ensued.

    What a people. What a prejudiced and bigoted President.

    What a situation. I take a stroll. Nonsense.

  2. Uthman Tofa should not generalise the conflict to be the northerners and the Southerners. Every Hausaman or middle belt know he or she has no problem with the south. Tofa who is a fulani himself knows that his kinsmen have been killing,rappi and kidnapping people in the south but he never condensed the actions of his people. It is rather unfortunate that people of his kind are taking the silence of Southerners to be weakness. No person or tribe has the Monopoly of violence. He should use his energy to counsel his kinsmen to conduct themselves well. Don’t involve the whole north on this because they are suffering the same way ithe hands of Fulanis.

  3. A loser is a loser in everything, words or action.

    Is Tofa just waking up from losing 1993 election to Abiola. No sensible statement no matter how deeply read.

    Tofa no country can prosper if criminals were above the law or encouraged by our President simply because they were his tribe men.

    Tofa you can not win Local government chairmanship election in Nigeria no matter what you said.

    You look sensible but speak senseless.

  4. Fools are talking now. Sponsors of Boko Haram are coming out. Idiots that chose not to condemn the atrocities being committed by the Northern HERDSMEN are opening their dirty mouths in defence of monsters. By the time we are through with the ENDFULANI in the South you will hear from us. Nigeria has expired. To your tents Oh Nigeria.

  5. Where was he when sultan admitted that 8 out 10 kidnappers are fulani? Where is it done that people would go amd take over other people’s lands and farms and destroy them?
    Nobody is scared of your tribe.

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