Why police cannot arrest Sunday Igboho – Falana

Igboho and Falana
Igboho and Falana

Human rights lawyer, Femi Falana, SAN, has given reason why the police cannot arrest Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho for issuing quit notice to Fulani herdsmen at Igangan, Ibarapa North Local Government of Oyo State.

Falana had earlier said Igboho did not have the power to issue such quit notice as the act was illegal and unconstitutional.

But, he, however, said the police could not arrest him because there were several people in the north who issued the same quit notice to some people and were not arrested.

The human rights lawyer was a guest at The Punch Online interview programme, ‘The Roundtable.’

According to Falana, the police should not venture to arrest Sunday Igboho because in this same country, when others issued quit notices to other nationalities in the past, they were not arrested.

“There is no way the police can choose who to arrest in this nature. Almajiris have been deported, beggars have been deported, the poor and destitute have been deported and the government never raised any issue,” he said.

Sunday Igboho became a star after issuing quit notice to Fulani herdsmen in Igangan.

At the expiration of the ultimatum, he went to the area to address thousands of supporters, insisting that the Fulani herdsmen must leave.

The Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu ordered his arrest, but it was never executed.



  1. why you talking like this you better give him support before fulani kill you falana.. I know you are from ilawe ekiti but let me tell you are not the one that fulani kill but they are killing civilian why are you impersonal you must be fool for that sir… My powerful brother Sunday igboho please don’t relent we are the one to fight not this stupid elder that we have

  2. Sunday Igboho you need to be careful of Femi Falana, he cannot save you, instead he will add more to your problem, so watch him if you ready to hire him as your lawyer, he told Sowore go for the revolution I will get you out within 24hrs, then what happen to Sowore when they picked up, Sunday answer that question, don’t lie to your self stand by the truth { so fun gbogbo omo Yoruba iye osu ti Sowore lo ni atimole } look at him with grey hair all over him, he does need wig to go to court, Sunday Igboho don’t mess with Gov. Makinde, you looking at him as been quiet, all those your thuggery, you better pocket it, Late Alhaji Adedibu was your God father during NPN era, you can’t do that now otherwise you will get your self into trouble, your Femi Falana can only nag in Lagos, he can’t do that in Ibadan, he’s a rejected son of Ado-Ekiti, how many years has Ado-Ekiti been a state, all his applications to be judge it’s either in the trash or K.I.V, Sunday Igboho you’re number one THUG for Late Alhaji Adedibu, during NPN era. if you are careful Gov. Makinde will walk you straight to prison, I bet you bro!

    • Trash talk. First of all, you sound ridiculous. Who the hell is the useless Makinde? So according to a clown like you, ” Makinde will walk Igboho straight to prison”, without any cause? You forgot that Igboho endorsed Makinde when he was running for the Governor of Oyo State. Do you really know what Igboho is fighting for? It seems to me that you are a Traitor and a Sellout. I will advise you to please stop showing your intellectual and personality deficiencies. Your post sounds like it was drug-induced. I didn’t think there were anymore like you left. What rock were you hiding under. You have proven yourself unworthy of my time or attention.

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