Who is to blame for the current Juventus form?


We are not even halfway through the season, and it would not be fair to have trials. However, the match against Inter was yet another demonstration that no, Juventus are no longer what they used to be.

It is no longer the cannibal team and is ready to abdicate, after 9 years and more than 3000 days as a Champion of Italy. On social media and in the Juventus world, everyone is looking for a scapegoat: but whose fault is it?

Team (40%)
We feel we can blame the greatest – albeit slightly – on whoever goes on the pitch. The match against Inter made known the men’s competitive limits on the lawn by Andrea Pirlo.

An Italian Derby played without verve, with all the physical clashes lost and without the malice that characterizes such a problem.

If the men who should be driving this team who betray, like Bentancur in midfield and Cristiano Ronaldo in the attack, then it isn’t easy to believe that the Bianconeri can compete at a high level.

Pirlo (30%)
Of course, between Covid, injuries, and the lack of summer preparation, the Juventus coach has many extenuating circumstances. There are, however, some errors of inexperience that Juventus are paying dearly for in this period.

Why, for example, field Bentancur and Rabiot, leaving Arthur zero minutes, especially after a first half in which the Bianconeri had not managed to build anything? Why not bet on Kulusevski and insert it when the game was now compromised?

All this, then, together with a hybrid module that does not always seem to work and often makes its interpreters run empty: even the coach has his fair share of faults.

Management (30%)
However, the cascading errors should be emphasized made in recent years by the sports management of Juventus in the transfer market, which led to the decline of what was one of the strongest squads in Europe.

Giving € 14 million net to Rabiot and Ramsey is unforgivable, especially since, despite having been bought on a free transfer, there will be hardly any buyers.

Moreover, Pirlo finds himself with a squad without reserves in critical roles: Frabotta, who was to be the improvised man of the first day, played seven games as a starter, including those with Milan and San Siro; also missing a reserve striker, as well as a midfielder who raises the quality of the team.

The infamous choices of recent years have brought the bill: now Juve is no longer the strongest team in Italy.

Will Juventus Buy a New Striker to Help Boost Form? Here are Rumoured Names

Precisely one week is missing from the end of the winter transfer market, and Juventus have not yet concluded any negotiations. It will be a market of opportunity just like in Serie A and Bundesliga betting tips.

Juventus are looking for a chance in attack and, for now, three negotiations could unlock last minute: let’s see what they are.

Gianluca Scamacca (40%)
Juventus are trying to negotiate, but Sassuolo is a tough nut to crack and do not want to loan the boy, now at Genoa.

Carnevale is asking for a loan with a redemption obligation between 20 and 25 million euros. Juventus are not convinced of such an investment, and the negotiation, after it seemed one step away from closing, has almost stalled.

The relations between the two teams are, however, excellent. In the last hours of the market, a new Juventus thrust is not excluded, leading to Andrea Pirlo, that reserve centre forward who would be very useful.

Krzysztof Piatek (35%)
It’s a rumour of the last few hours, and it could be a last-minute deal.

Piatek’s arrival in Italy was fantastic, with the Pistolero scoring 35 goals in a year and a half between Genoa and Milan. Last season, the lousy start led him to transfer to Herta Berlin in January, where he has collected eight goals in one year so far.

Italy could be his lifeline, and it could be useful for Pirlo to have a striker with a good nose for a goal, perhaps to resolve some troublesome situation. The idea would be to exchange loans with Bernardeschi, but Carrara’s talent would have to accept.

Edin Dzeko (15%)
Bernardeschi could also be useful on the Rome axis. The break with Dzeko seems to be definitive, but the deal is complicated right now because Juventus does not want to do it: too many costs for a player who goes for 35 years.

Therefore, one could try the exchange (and capital gain) hypothesis with the former Fiorentina player or a 6-month loan and re-update in June. For now, in this sense, the road is uphill.

What do you think?

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