Jesse Burrell

Real estate expert and serial entrepreneur Jesse Burrell has narrated how he readjusted his mindset for success and became a multi-millionaire at the age of 30.

When Jesse Burrell graduated from Arizona State University, he knew that he wanted to get into business next, and his first point of call was the real estate industry.

“I moved straight into the world of Phoenix real estate,” Burrell recounts. But business didn’t immediately pick up: “When I started my first business,” he explains, “I had no access to capital. I was broke! In order to get the company off of the ground, I had to ‘bootstrap’ operations and work with no employees.”

Through his sheer will and a persistent streak, Jesse soon made a success of his real estate business. “I soon flipped my 1,000th house in the area and by age 30 I had become a multi-millionaire.”

Talking about what he did differently in to achieve success, Jesse gives a concise explanation. “I tried getting numerous startups going in my 20s, I failed a lot,” he acknowledges. “And I started with absolutely no money. The way I got through it all was by readjusting my mindset and creating an entrepreneurial mindset.”

His re-adjusted mindset led him to further success as his reel of successes shows. “I am a 10+ year experienced entrepreneur, an active investor in multiple startup companies, owner of a multi-million-dollar data company, and $40+ million in pipeline development projects. I have established a huge credibility within the real estate investment community,” Jesse states.

These days he is working on a software, BatchLeads, that helps real estate professionals and house flippers get vital data about the market and properties in real time.

“I focus on working throughout the real estate community by creating software solutions like Batchleads for real estate investors to better understand the industry,” Jesse says. “My mission in life is to create and implement financial literacy to those who come across my path.”