Chukwudebelu Elochukwu Samuel

Chukwudebelu Elochukwu Samuel, the Chief Executive Officer of Auxell Musical Equipment has tasked the Nigerian government on what can be done to support the sector, which is fast growing in tandem with the music industry.

According to him, “The Nigeria government can help our business by reducing the cost of importation into Nigeria, supporting factories that manufacture sound equipment and musical instruments in Nigeria. Also, they can support and promote quality education in sound engineering and acoustics, musicology and music performance. Auxell Musical Equipment like every other musical entrepreneur has faced huge challenges as a result of this. Trust me, it will be a huge relief when these are addressed.”

In spite of the global recognition Nigerian music industry enjoys, there are still many challenges clogging the wheel of progress of the industry. Lack of structure, piracy, bad legal structure around contracts, poor entertainment laws and many others have been mooted as factors slowing down the growth of the industry. But through the eyes of a man whose business is to provide solutions to musical needs, there is a problem many may have entirely overlooked.

According to Auxell Musical Equipment company’s boss in a recent interview, “One of the problems of the Nigerian music industry is getting the quality sounds from the equipment they use. Also, there is man-management when it comes to musical equipment. These views are based on my own area of specialisation in the larger music industry framework.”

He maintained that quality musical equipment and its effect on quality music production cannot be overlooked and highlighted challenges that impact on his kind of business.

He said, “In terms of challenges encountered, every business has its ups and downs. For me, as a dealer in musical equipment, installation of our products for our customers which may harm its workability and reliability still occurs, this centers on some of our customers not needing our experts(engineers)in installing these equipment, with hope that they can do it on their own.

“This sometimes won’t give them the desired outcome for patronizing our products. Other impediments are less of a worry because Auxell musical equipment company is equal to task. When it comes to the lucrative nature of the business,my sole aim is to satisfy my esteemed customers in any way I can.”

The Auxell Musical Equipment company is situated in the Lekki area of Lagos, Nigeria. They sell all kinds of musical equipment like DJ equipment, studio gadgets, club sound management and many more.

Auxell Musical Equipment is registered under the brand name of Auxell Professional Sound System. The company was launched in 2015 and has since grown into a top player in the industry.

“I’m happy to announce to you that my company is the No.1 leading / largest musical equipment online store in Nigeria presently with so many awards on merit (@auxellmusical). Social media has helped me to build and expand my brand. I can boldly tell you this, “I make more sales on Instagram more than my two stores,” he stated.