Fayose wants sacked Service Chiefs prosecuted for human rights abuses

Fayose whisked away as sporadic gunshots reported at PDP congress in Osogbo
Ayodele Fayose

A former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, has called on relevant bodies to probe the service chiefs who were relieved of their duties earlier today, January 26.

Fayose who accused the former service chiefs of serving themselves and their pockets described their sack as a “step in the right direction.”

He tweeted;

“Though coming after persistent pressure from Nigerians, President Buhari’s removal of the Service Chiefs and their replacement is a right step in the right direction. It is yet another victory for the people of Nigeria.

The sacked Service Chiefs only served themselves and their pockets and can at best be described as “Disservice Chiefs” under whom Nigeria became completely unsecured.

It is my call to the ICC and other relevant authorities that tenure of the “sacked” Service Chiefs should be investigated, most importantly human rights abuses and extra judicial killings under their watch and commands.

The new Service Chiefs should learn from their immediate predecessors and remember nothing lasts forever.


  1. Nigeria is not serious. Why should fayose be free and ranting?is he not supposed to be serving life jail?
    He is calling gallant soldiers to be prosecuted when he is. Soldier is stealing his own people’s Money?
    Nigeria should look into this constitution we are using. It is fake and useless. I swear!!

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