Breaking: No arrest, Sunday Igboho meets police commissioner [Video]

Sunday Igboho
Sunday Igboho addressing huge crowd again on Sunday

Sunday Igboho, the Yoruba activist who gave Fulani herdsmen quit notice in Igangan, ibarapa LGA of Oyo State re-emerged on Sunday to address another rally in the town.

He was still wearing the same French suit he wore on Friday, when he first addressed the people, with the video going viral.

This time, he came to report back on his meeting with the new Police Commissioner in Oyo state and the Area Commander.

(Watch the video in Yoruba:

According to him, he met with the Police Commissioner Ngozi Onadeko and her deputy and he was not arrested, despite the order of Oyo State governor, Seyi Makinde.

Igboho said he got assurances from the police on the security of the area and in turn, he appealed to the people to cooperate with the Police Area Commander and other policemen.

He said from now on, more policemen will be drafted to the area to maintain law and order.

He also reported that the commissioner of police will be visiting the town and other towns to re-assure the people that there will no longer be kidnapping or killings by Fulani herdsmen.

It appeared however that he was not absolutely right on when the commissioner will come on a visit, as she visited today, in company of Fatai Owoseni, the Special Adviser on security to Governor Seyi Makinde.

According to Taiwo Adisa, the Chief Press secretary to Governor Makinde, the delegation toured the trouble spots of Ibarapa and Oke-Ogun areas of the state.

They conducted on-the-spot assessment of the tension-soaked communities of Igangan, Tede and Ago Are communities.

In the entourage were also senior Police officers including Deputy Commissioners of Police and Mobile Police Commanders.

Ngozi Onadeko sued for peace, while also declaring the readiness of the Police to embark on a thorough investigation to ensure justice for victims of kidnapping, armed robbery, rape and other crimes.

Owoseni, a former commissioner of police in Lagos, also appealed to community leaders, youths and Hausa-Fulani residents to eschew violence and live in peace.

Owoseni told the people to be vigilant and ensure they identify the criminal elements among them for prosecution by the Police, declaring that no one should take laws into his hands.

He also debunked insinuations that Governor Makinde has abandoned the people to their fate, adding that at least 51 suspected perpetrators of kidnapping, rape and banditry are currently in police net from Oke Ogun axis.

He said that government would ensure that justice prevails in the cases involving the arrested lot, adding, however, that the people must remain vigilant.

“If you see something, say something,” Owoseni counseled residents of the visited communities.

The delegation also visited the razed home of the Seriki Fulani in Igangan, where it assessed the extent of damage and promised thorough investigation.

Secretary of Igangan Development Advocates, Lawal Akeem, who spoke in Igangan, said that the people were tired of the antics of the Seriki Fulani, Alhaji Saliu Abdukadir, whom he accused of complicity in different cases.

He also said that the community has been forced to pay about N50 million in ransom for different cases of kidnapping, while also accusing Fulani herders of regularly vandalising farms and raping women of the community.

Another youth in the town, Taiwo Adeagbo, said that no fewer than 15 women have been raped in recent weeks.

A member of the Oyo State House of Assembly, Hon. Peter Ojedokun, also told the delegation that Ibarapaland had been peaceful all the while but that the peace was affected recently when Fulani herders started attacking members of the community on their farms, kidnapping persons and committing crimes.

Two Fulani leaders, the Seriki Fulani of Igbo Ora, Alhaji Idris Abubakar, and the Seriki Fulani of Eruwa, Alhaji Sule Mohammed, asked for forgiveness from those offended, adding that they are ready to facilitate a peaceful coexistence in Ibarapaland.

The Caretaker Chairman of Ibarapa North-West Local Council Development Area, Hon. Okediji Samuel Olusegun, also corroborated the allegations leveled against the Seriki Fulani of Igangan, saying that the Seriki has been fingered in the series of security challenges in the area many times.

Addressing the gathering of traditional rulers, government officials and Fulani leaders in Igangan, the Commissioner of Police, Onadeko said: “We have come to assess and listen to you over the incident that happened. I want to appeal to everyone of us to be calm and ensure there is peace. If there is no peace in the community, there won’t be growth and development.

“I want to appeal to the youth. We have listened and they have interpreted all your complaints and I want to say you should not spoil your case by using force. We are a new team. Bring out all the cases you have, put them in an orderly manner and we will make sure that justice is done.

“So, I want to enjoin all of you to be peaceful and live with one another in a peaceful manner. If we live in peace in this community, we should be able to identify kidnappers, robbers, and rapists. It does not matter where you come from – whether you are from Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa. Actually, we have the good and bad ones. Criminality is not only ascribed to a particular ethnic group, it cuts across all the ethnic groups.

“So, if we don’t come together with one voice, how are we going to fish out all these people?

“Please, be calm. Cooperate with the Police, law enforcement agencies and we will make this place secure for everyone, irrespective of where you come from.

“I want to assure you that all the cases you brought up, a thorough investigation will be done on them and you will see that justice will be delivered.

“We will be having more of this interactive session and consultative gathering so that we will be able to sit down, talk and iron things out together without resorting to violence, which does not pay.

“Please, don’t take laws into your hands. Just tell us. Let us have peace and everything, by the grace of God, will be okay for all of us.”


  1. It takes the bravery of an ordinary citizen to step forward and protect his people when the constituted authority fails to do so. As for Sunday Oke-Ogun, he is the peoples’ person and neither a thug nor a miscreant as being insinuated in some unholy quarters. Therefore, as a proud son of Oke-Ogun, I doff my hat for the peoples’ person, Sunday Oke-Ogun!

  2. I think we the people of Oke-Ogun (Oyo North) have suffered a lot from the antics of herdsmen both Fulani and Bororos. I have personally lost some relatives to these wanton killings and felt helpless, therefore I can identify with the pains fellow Oke-Ogun indigenes are experiencing due to unabated and senseless attacks on the life and livelihood. But when those who are constitutionally responsible to protect others fail to do so, it takes the bravery of an ordinary person to step forward and protect his people. Thus, such an individual is the peoples’ person! And a peoples’ person is neither a thug nor a miscreant as being insinuated in some unholy quarters. Therefore, as a proud son of Oke-Ogun, I doff my hat for Sunday Oke-Ogun!

  3. ICHEOKU says hope that Ndigbo, especially Igbo leaders and politicians, have learnt a lesson from the Yoruba people that UNITED WE STAND. They did not give up Sunday Oghogho neither did they proscribe his group and banish him; they rallied around him and the North gave up. The Fulani North is about divide and conquer and they used it to intimidate Igbo leaders into banishing IPOB and forcing NMK into exile. Imagine how formidable ala Igbo would have been today if there was a bonding around NMK and his IPOB. Anyway, the rest is now history. It is sad.

  4. Going by the recent developments on the Police handling of Sunday Igboho on the Ibarapa issues I will want to congratulate PMB for listening to the voices of reason. This is particularly notable because if he had continued with his threat to quash the voices of dissent in Ibarapa by arresting Sunday Adeyemo etc. that singular act would have spelt his doom. The Yorubas are NOT those you toy with on matters that challenge their beings. Much as I personally love and support PMB he almost lost me when I read about his order to arrest and suppress complainants on an issue so true, so genuine and so germane to the social and economic wellbeing of the Yorubas. Tell me which reasonable LEADER takes that kind of action?
    Omooba Jare Ajiboye

  5. So now pm news you have change the name of Fulani herdmen to herdmenkiller so to tanish the image of Fulani both including the millions of innocent herdmen so that any body heard the word Fulani what will come in his mind is killer may Almighty Allah protect the millions of Innocent Fulani from what you plot for them

  6. Seyi Makinde should forget about 2023 Governorship candidate .We are ready and waiting for him, We brought him inside and we shall kick him out by the special grace of God

  7. The Igangan community issue establishes the fact that authority may belong to the government; however, power belong to the people. A governor may not be a special kind of person, but a person can be a special kind of governor.

  8. A fear leader that dont have heart to protect his people. Shame on you. Why cant the CP arrest him . Whenever yoruba start ,no going back ,every tribe call us mumu but we are not all mumu and betrayal. We have those that are ready to die for yoruba. Ride on SUNDAY REAL YORUBA

  9. Shame on you Makinde, a worthless and useless Governor. Like I said earlier on, you lack the traits of a good leader. Why did you backed off from arresting Igboho? You now know that millions of Yorubas in Nigeria and abroad support him but you are so dumb to figure it out. Yorubas will never forget what you did.

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