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Sunday Igboho: ACF threatens counter-attacks in North

Sunday Igboho: ACF threatens counter-attacks in North
Combo photo of People at Sunday igboho's rally in Igangan, Ibarapa today
Combo photo of People at Sunday igboho’s rally in Igangan, Ibarapa

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

The Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, has called on the Federal Government to stop the attack on Fulanis in Ibarapa area of Oyo State now or it will instigate counter-attacks in the north.

The ACF, in a statement on Saturday by its National Publicity Secretary of the ACF, Emmanuel Yawe, said the body received reports of an attack by Yoruba youths on Alhaji Saliu Abdulkadir, the Serki Fulani in Oyo State.

It said in the reports, he was attacked and driven out of his house, eleven cars and his house burnt with his family members now living in the bush.

The statement said there were allegations that one Sunday Igboho an agitator for the Oodua Republic and who issued an ultimatum giving Fulani people seven days to leave Yorubaland was the instigator of the attack.

The ACF said most disturbing aspect of the attack was the allegation that the security agents who were earlier warned about its imminence stood by helplessly as the attack was carried out.

It said the ACF was worried about this trend and called on the Federal and State Governments in the South West to move quickly to avert a social upheaval that night destabilize the whole country.

“We recall that the civil war in the 60’s started with attacks and counterattacks like this. “The governments must be proactive and stop history from repeating itself,” the statement said.

The ACF said those who carried out these attacks must be apprehended and that the due process of the law allowed to take its course.

It warned: “If this is not done there may be counterattacks in the north and the country will be up in flames. The authorities must act. The ACF is very worried and calls on them to act fast.”


  1. We don’t want you in our land for Fulani to be killing us. how many Fulani who are committing the terrorist’s attacks have been brought to book ? We are Yoruba Nation. This forced marriage will end soon. How many Yoruba living in the North turns to this evil act that the Fulani are doing here in S/W or Igbo land? The ACF is a foolish organization. I dare you all to declare War, we are ready. This is not Sowore or #Endsars time at all, let that sink in to all your brains, it is tit for tat boy!

  2. You people commenting now, were you deaf or dumb? Since all these days the Fulani were kidnapping people, demanding ransom, collecting it and still killing our people. Now we are just telling them to shift for us to prevent killing and maiming of our people and ACF is now saying there will be counter attack on our people in the north.

    Our people in the north are not criminals like your people here. Tell Mr President to issue a categorical statement on anybody that kidnaps or kills fellow human beings. or the House of Representatives should discuss it so that the thing will come to an end

  3. This is crude and highest level of irresponsible behaviour and lawlessness. Iam baffled that rights activists, CAN, Afenifere and lawyers turned blind to this reckless action. Anywhere criminals are found, you turn them over to police not criminalising everybody to the of issuing expulsion order and burning their properties.

  4. Start NOW but you must attack the Yoruba living in the forests. Don’t touch any law abiding Yoruba living in the cities. Useless animals. Instead of talking your primitive people out of the forests you are threatening us. Try it and let’s see who will regret at last. The hour we have been waiting for has come. The unholy marriage selfishly arranged by the British is over. We southerners are telling you to go . You have been a burden to us since Nigeria came into existence. All you do is breeding terrorists. Go.

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