‘It will be dangerous for Buhari to arrest Sunday Igboho’

Igboho, Buhari and Fani-Kayode
Igboho, Buhari and Fani-Kayode

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode on Saturday warned President Muhammadu Buhari not to think of arresting Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho, saying it would be very dangerous to do so.

Igboho has been at the centre of controversy for issuing ultimatum to Fulani herdsmen to quit Igangan, Ibarapa North LGA of Oyo State.

Tension is now brewing in the area following the expiration of the ultimatum and the sudden appearance of Igboho in Ibarapa on Friday to address thousands of supporters.

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has told the Oyo Police Command to arrest Igboho and others fuelling ethnic crisis in the State.

Reacting to the development on Saturday, Fani-Kayode said it would be dangerous, reckless and counter productive for Buhari to arrest or kill Sunday Igboho.

“When the Northern youths demanded that Igbos should leave the north no-one was arrested. Why should Sunday be arrested or killed for asking killer Fulani herdsmen to leave South West?

“I advise the FG to tread softly because Sunday has the full support of the Yoruba nation because he has spoken for the people. Kill him and you make him a martyr for Oduduwa, arrest him and you make him the greatest hero of the Yoruba since independence. Whichever way he wins,” he said.

According to Fani-Kayode, the way to solve the problem was to arrest the herdsmen who kill and  kidnap people in the South West and not to arrest or kill those who were standing up and speaking for their victims.

“Sunday did not ask for all Fulanis to leave SW. He asked for the killers, terrorists& kidnappers among them to leave Ibarapa and the Yoruba people love him for it.

“Is that a crime? As long as he maintains the peace & does not indulge in or encourage any violence, I do not see what he has done wrong? In 1999 when Gani Adams was rising up I identified him as a young man to watch. I wrote an essay about him and I said his courage would take him far.

“I was proved right. Today I identify Sunday Igboho who has stood up against wickedness, injustice & apartheid in our land when other Yoruba leaders were too timid to stand. I commend his courage,” he said.


  1. Buhari administrations Should be very careful, Joe Bidan Government will not Tolerate Nonsens as usual, Stop the Killing Stop the kidnapping Stop the Rapping before you get Stopped,

  2. Where is Are Ona Kakanfo – Ganiyu Adams? He should be the one doing this not Sunday Ogboho. To me, Sunday Igboho is the true Generalissimo of Yoruba land, not Tinumbu and other greedy Yoruba leaders. PMB wanted to draw a battle line and start a war he may never end in his lifetime.

  3. Any attempt by the Fulani herdsmen killers led federal government to arrest Hero Sunday Igboho will be resisted by all southerners.

    The Fulani herdsmen killers are making life so hard for all the southerners even the middle belters just because Buhari is shamelessly and unapologetically supporting them expressly and implied.

    I call on all southerners to unite and flush out the killers from all the southern forests.

    If the Fulani herdsmen want to live in the south, they must rent an apartment and live decently, they must not be allowed to be using southern forests as a conduit for abductions, rape, killing and butchering of our southern brothers and sisters.

    I call on Buhari to rein on his Fulani herdsmen killers, they are putting Nigeria on the precipice, I wonder long the people could still endure the menace and atrocious deeds of the Fulanis in the south.

    Buhari must lead Nigeria like a nationalist, if he continues on the path of injustices, ethnicity, protectionism, nepotism, favouritism sadism and despotism, Nigeria would before long be engulfed in mayhem, carnage and catastrophe, possibly civil war and dismemberment.

    The fulani herdsmen killers have no monopoly of violence. Enough is enough.

    What a situation. I take a stroll. Nonsense.

  4. Let him try it and he will see the political blowback. So you want Igboho to sit back and watch Yorubas being killed and kidnapped? We all know that most of the so called Yoruba traditional leaders are corrupt and cowards. We are going to stand behind Igboho until you warn the Fulanis to stop committing crimes in Southwest. Go and arrest him and you will see what will happen.

  5. Let everyone go his way. Nigeria must break up as this is our prayer.

    We are tired of staying together with these grown up Almanjiri called Fulani herders.

    Their parents called Northern Elders once in 2019 asked all Fulani in the South to come back home but Ooni of Ife ran to Abuja to meet Buhari to rescind the order that is the problem as our Oba’s in Yoruba land are sycophants. Now Fulani are killing Yoruba Ooni of Ife is not talking but going up and down with security men, that is why people like us don’t have respect for him.

    We should not be talking of restructuring but total break up of the Country as Nigeria is a wuru wuru nation.

  6. Arrest him for what? Let him arrest his fulani killers first. It must go round. Fulanis staying in the forests must be located and flushed out. Useless people. Yorubas are watching and waiting for the arrest. .

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