Zain Jan: First-generation immigrant turned entrepreneur, self-made millionaire

Zain Jan
Zain Jan

Zain Jan is the CEO of Better Earth Solar, one of the fastest-growing solar companies in America, with over 150 5-Star reviews on Google and over $50 million in sales in their first two years of business.

Better Earth is setting the standard for solar energy around the world. Every sales representative in the company is thoroughly trained in all aspects of the business, a priority Zain says has made all the difference.

“The company that stands out is the one who has the best customer service and the best people on the front end,” he says.

“We have a mission and everybody knows what we’re aiming for. And when a group of people are driven by a big mission, great things start to happen.”

Growing up in Boston, Massachusetts, Zain never could have imagined the success he would one day achieve.

He explains, “My parents are immigrants and we lived a very restricted life. I always knew the price of things; I was aware of every cent we were spending because we had a limited amount of money and my parents never made more than $30,000 a year combined.”

From a young age, Zain dreamed of transcending these circumstances and creating something that could change the world. This motivation has spurred him on throughout his career, even when things got difficult.

When asked about the greatest obstacle he has overcome, Zain says, “It was the uncertainty of moving from my hometown Boston to California to start my first solar company. I was 19 years old and I was burning all the boats and leaving everything behind to start a new business. I was leaving a job that paid me 6 figures a month to start my own company, where I had no guarantees whether it was going to work or not.”

He continues, “I’m thankful that it did and we did amazingly well. I was there, in a different city, creating my own solar company from scratch! That was one of the biggest leaps and also one of the biggest blessings in my career.”

This year, Zain was faced with another massive hurdle, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March. However, much to his credit, Zain and his team have thrived where other companies failed.

He notes, “We had to invest heavily in online marketing in order for the company to keep going. While many other solar companies dipped or went out of business, we did what few solar companies have done. We leveraged the power of online marketing and have tripled our size since COVID started.”

Better Earth is on track to accomplish $150 million in sales in 2021 and they have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Despite the success he has achieved, Zain’s mission has never changed.

He hopes to help millions of people throughout his career and continue to make a global impact. He says, “I really believe solar energy is the future and that we can create a world powered by renewable energy.”

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