Melania drops notes for Jill Biden on White House as she says farewell

Melania Trump says farewell America
Melania Trump says farewell America

By Abankula with agency report

U.S. First Lady Melania Trump gave a farewell speech on Monday night, condemning the use of violence to resolve conflict.

She said “violence is never the answer,” almost two weeks after her husband’s supporters stormed the US Capitol.

But in another statement celebrating American craftsmen who helped her in the reshaping of the White House, she dropped enough hints to successor Jill Biden about the makeovers she carried out in the last four years.

Melania, like her husband, has been savaged by critics for breaking with decades of tradition by not inviting Jill Biden for a tour of the White House, before departing.

But in her statement, she said: “In 2018, we completed the first full renovation of the Queen’s Bathroom since the 1950s. Our goal of updating and restoring “The President’s Elevator,” which is used by the First Family, visiting dignitaries, and White House staff, was accomplished in the same year. In 2019 we embarked on a several months-long restoration of the East Room floor, which brought to life the true magnificence of this historic space. This was done in tandem with work performed on the marble floors of the State Entrance and Hallway”.

“These are the first areas to greet all visitors to the White House, and the impact of the painstaking work of re-grouting, restoring and then re-polishing them has been profound.

“The Bowling Alley also underwent a full renovation in 2019, and I hope it will be a space that is enjoyed by all who use it. The restoration and conservation of the priceless Zuber wallpaper in the Family Dining Room, perhaps the most ambitious project of the Administration, remains to be completed, and will be, I hope, admired by all who see its beauty”.

“Over the course of 2020, … I unveiled two long-planned projects on the White House grounds.

“In November 2020, we publicly marked the installation of “Floor Frame” by Isamu Noguchi in the newly restored Rose Garden. The Rose Garden celebrates the history of many previous First Ladies, and it was my privilege to introduce into its design the first work completed by an Asian-American artist to enter the White House collection. The simplicity and beauty of Nogochi’s sculpture provides an enduring message of strength, which felt particularly relevant at the moment of its unveiling.

“Shortly thereafter, in December 2020, I had the great privilege to announce the completion of the refurbishment of the Children’s Garden and the construction of the new White House Tennis Pavilion. This project planning began in 2018 and was approved by the Commission of Fine Arts and the National Capital Planning Commission in June 2019. The Tennis Pavilion was constructed in partnership with the Trust for the National Mall and the National Park Service, and funded entirely through private donation. The team of American designers, builders, and artisans, who relied on locally sourced materials, created for the Nation a monumental addition to this historic home that I know will be part of its enduring legacy. Their achievement was made all the more notable as it was accomplished despite the many challenges they faced because of the Covid-19 pandemic”.

In her six-minute-long farewell video, Melania paid rich tributes to families of the US Army men, health workers and those working for the betterment of the victims of opioid abuse.

“The past four years have been unforgettable. As Donald and I conclude our time in the White House, I think of all of the people I have taken home in my heart and their incredible stories of love, patriotism and determination,” Melania, 50, said.

“Be passionate in everything you do. But always remember that violence is never the answer, and will never be justified. When I came to the White House, I reflected on the responsibility I have always felt as a mother to encourage, give strength and teach values of kindness,” she added.

“The promise of this nation belongs to all of us who do not lose sight of our integrity and values, use every opportunity to show consideration for another person, and build good habits into our daily lives,” Melania noted.

Wrapping up her speech, she said, “As I say farewell to my role as First Lady, it is my sincere hope that every American will do their part to teach our children what it means to Be Best. I ask parents to educate your children about the courageous and selfless heroes who worked and sacrificed to make this country the land of the free. And to lead by example and care for others in your community.”

Melania urged all Americans to be the Ambassador of ”BE BEST” and said, “Together, as one national family, we can continue to be the light of hope for future generations and carry on America”s legacy of raising our nation to greater heights through our spirit of courage, goodness and faith.”

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