James Brown and Bobrisky

By Jennifer Okundia

Nigerian comedian James Brown called out popular cross dresser and self acclaimed male Barbie Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky, for threatening him.

In a now viral video, Brown claimed that Bob reached out to him and told him to take down his content, as he was copying his work.

He further stated that he respects Bobrisky but will not tolerate anyone threatening to kill him, or harm him in any form.

James said even though he dresses like a lady, he is just a comedian having fun, and that he dresses like a normal guy, when he is out with friends.

“For once in my life I have never dragged a position with nobody, I have always been James brown they didn’t catch me that everyone know since day one.

“So if you have any problem with the content I am putting out for the brands I am working for, I don’t give a haut. That’s some period.

“You already blocked me everywhere for months now on every platform, so why the threat I am just a realistic person and having on my platform …” he wrote.


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