Museveni floors Bobi Wine, wins 6th term as Uganda’s President

Bobi Wine and Yoweri Museveni
Bobi Wine and Yoweri Museveni

Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni has won a 6th term as president, extending his 35 years in office.

He won 58.6.% of the vote while his nearest rival Robert Kyagulanyi, known as Bobi Wine, took 34.8%.

The result was announced by the Uganda Electoral Commission.

Mr Wine, a former pop star, earlier vowed to provide evidence of fraud. The Electoral Commission denies there was vote-rigging in Thursday’s poll.

According to the BBC, poll monitors have criticised the government closure of internet access.

They said this undermined confidence. Mr Wine said he would provide evidence of fraud once the internet was restored.

Museveni, 76, who has been in power since 1986, said he represented stability in the country.

“The electoral commission declares Yoweri Museveni… elected President of the Republic of Uganda,” election commission chairman Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama said on Saturday.

He said turnout was 57% of the almost 18 million registered voters.

Earlier, Mr Byabakama said the vote had been peaceful, and called on Bobi Wine, who said some of his polling agents were arrested on Thursday, to make public the evidence for his fraud allegations.


  1. He is a bloody dictator with much blood in his hands! Nobody can escape the judgment of our Maker, no matter how powerful he might appear to be. Museveni have destroyed many families by killing husbands and making the women widows. He made his son a general in the Ugandan army, his wife is the minister of education, etc, etc, etc. God’s judgment which never fails is surely and certainly awaiting him just like happened to one of his cruel predecessors, the callous Idi Amin

  2. It’s time for “Museveni, 76, who has been in power since 1986, said he represented stability” to voluntarily quit and give way to the young. He is a classic dictator having held power far too long. It must be entrenched in the constitution, two terms no more. He can rigged himself for the next century. Obasanjo could have done it in Nigeria, had it not been for the constitution.

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