Shocker: Ilorin Pastors brainwash church members to disown parents, burn certificates

A prison in Nigeria
A prison in Nigeria

By Afusat Agunbide -Oladipo

Two pastors in Ilorin, Kwara State, Olumide Peter and Jasulayomi Adetola, are in trouble for allegedly brainwashing their congregation to disown their biological parents and burn their certificates.

The Pastors were arraigned at Ilorin Magistrates’ Court, on Thursday for their action where they  were charged with criminal conspiracy, unlawful assembly, wrongful confinement and putting persons in fear of injury in order to commit extortion.

The Magistrate, Ibrahim Dasuki, ordered the defendants to be remanded in Oke-Kura Correctional Centre, Ilorin.

He, thereafter, adjourned the case till Jan. 28, for further mention.

Earlier, Counsel to the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Mr Ajide Kehinde, said that two children and four adults, who were reportedly abducted by the pastors, were rescued by the corps.

He said that the defendants, who are pastors at Evidence of Christ Fellowship International Church, Agbo-Oba, Ilorin, kicked against Western education, claiming that it was a sin and that any certificate acquired through it was evil.

Kehinde said that the pastors had been extorting money from international organisations by sending recorded videos of the children, claiming that they were victims of natural disasters and internally-displaced persons.

Kehinde said further investigation revealed that the pastors kicked against Western education, urging its congregation to see it as ungodly.

He said that the offences were contrary to Sections 96, 100, 260 and 293 of the Penal Code Law.

The counsel prayed the court to remand the defendants on the basis that one of them was still at large.

He said that releasing the defendants on bail might jeopardise efforts to carry out proper investigation into the matter.

The defendants, however, pleaded not guilty to the charges preferred against them.


  1. This is the voice of him that crying in the wilderness, make the way of the straight and his holy place pure. Come out of there mist and touch not unclean things.

    • Mr dogood, do not hasten to defend churches of this present time. If it is of God it will stand but if it is of deceitfulness to enslave another soul that those pastors and their general overseer could not even create it will fall and God will continue to expose them. Sometimes God uses his enemies to deal with the lives of some pastors like this when there is Sin in their lives.

  2. This is complete lie from the kingdom of darkness against the TRUTH. Both ECWA Church organization and Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) are co-working with NSCDC Agency to fabricate these lies and untruthfulness against Evidence of Christ Fellowship and these pastor. It is a must to belong to CAN before you know who Jesus Christ is? Please, read the statement below from a reporter that interviewed members of this fellowship.

    Children Kidnapped From Their Parents by Civil Defense Corps Under the Guise of Being Rescued!

    January 14, 2021

    Children Kidnapped From Their Parents by Civil Defense Corps Under the Guise of Being Rescued!
    What a sad world for Nigerians! When armed forces who are supposed to defend the rights of the citizens are the very ones depriving them of their rights. What a travesty!
    In an act that violates the very essence of good journalism and the oath to present unbiased news, NTA (The Nigerian Television Authority), on January 8th 2020 gave the public every reason to question their integrity by presenting a falsified version of an arrest that occurred recently in Kwara state. We have been contacted by the parties involved, who have cried out of the injustice and would like to make their stories known. Below is the true account of incidents that took place according to these witnesses/victims.
    According to Awujoola Olumide, the prime individual called out in the NTA interview, on the 29, 30, and 31 of December, the Evidence of Christ Church held an international conference, in which various people from different states such as, Lagos, Abuja, Jos, USA, Ilorin etc. were invited. After the three day conference, some attendees dispersed to their various locations and others stayed around for a couple more days to further fellowship with the remaining attendees. Mr. Awujoola explained that Evidence of Christ is a fellowship open to all who want to know the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ and of His Holy Spirit as based on the words of the Lord Jesus Christ in the bible.

    According to an eyewitness’s testimony, on Wednesday January 2021, members of the civil service corps came with their vehicles and invaded the building where some of members of Evidence of Christ Church and their families reside. They came in forcefully, searched everywhere in the building, and forced every individual they found, including children (the youngest being 1 and 1/2 years old), into a van against their will. They were driven to jail, had their shoes off and locked up. The civil defense’s explanation for this roguish act? They claim they received a report that Evidence of Christ Church had kidnapped children and adopted children against their will so they rescued them.
    One of the victims by the name of Olabode Ruth states she was in the middle of cooking when they forced she and her daughter into the van. She was so aggrieved that her daughter who is a minor had to experience such an act that treated her like a criminal. She is aggrieved that she had to be afflicted and harassed by the same system that is supposed to protect her and her right as a citizen from the real criminals. She and others captured were placed in unsanitary and barbaric conditions, which has affected her health adversely. Mrs. Ruth Olabode confirmed that they had just finished a conference which took place on the 29, 30, and 31 of December 2020. She indicated that among those that were invited to the conference was a man named Philip David in his 20s. He and his friends came to the conference with the knowledge of his mother. She explained that Philip’s friends went back home before the conference ended but that he decided to stay till the end as “he was enjoying the fellowship with the children of God”. On the night he returned back home, Philip stated that he was chased out of the house by his parents. With nowhere to go at that time of the night, he decided to come back to the location where the conference was held, where he said his brother and sisters in Christ would be willing to accommodate him until he found a way to get back home. Philip explained to NTA that nobody kidnapped him and that he went to the Evidence of Christ where the conference was held by himself. He said he explained this to the civil defense when he was in their custody but that they refused to hear him out.

    Another victim by the name of Oluwaseun Olaniyi complained bitterly about the maltreatment that she received for no reason. What was her offence? Praising God? Deciding to believe in Jesus Christ? Attending a conference? Is this a crime in Nigeria? She stated that the civil defense put her in a dirty, bug infested and unsanitary room. Since then, she has experienced some serious health issues including incessant diarrhea accompanied by nausea and vomiting. She had to be taken to the hospital and was put on medication and intravenous fluids. However, she states this has not helped as she is still experiencing worsening health conditions. She complained bitterly about the environment she was placed in and how it is seriously affecting her. While in custody, the perpetrators tried all methods to get her to confess that she was kidnapped, despite telling them repeatedly that she had not been and that she walked into the Evidence of Christ conference building on her own accord. She stated they ignored her statements pointing out to them that as a citizen of Nigeria, in her mid-twenties, she has the right to live according to any religion, belief or movement without fear of repercussion. She further stated that she did not come to Evidence of Christ church under duress or under hypnosis or witchcraft as they were implying. She again pointed out that under the constitution of Nigeria, she is of age, fully aware of what she is doing and has a right to worship as she pleases.

    Another victim, a student named Zacchaeus Yesua also explained his encounter with the civil defense corps. He stated that he was taken forcefully to the civil defense office even though he had not committed any crime. He was beaten and slapped. At one point, he was overwhelmed by their abuse as he knelt down to pray because what was happening to him was beyond his comprehension. He also stated that the civil defense critically deprived him of his rights. He mentioned that no covid-19 protocol was observed when he was in their custody and that they put him and others at risk for exposure. His personal property (including his phone) was seized and has not received it back to date.

    Another victim, Elvis explained what he encountered at the hands of the Civil Defense. He started off by explaining that he was invited to the conference by one of the members of the fellowship. He was happy to attend as he had previous fellowship meetings with them in the past. He was getting ready to go back when the incident occurred. He was astounded at the whole incident. These individuals under the name of Civil Defense, stormed into someone’s home and forcibly packed individuals into a van despite cries of protest. He thought they were kidnappers as that is what their behavior resembled. While in custody, they used manipulative words and actions to get him to tell lies and twist his words. He stated that the civil defense corps made false pretenses of rescuing him. From what, he was not sure as he was not in captivity. In fact what he had to go through was more of a bondage.

    Another victim of this atrocity was Mr. Olumide’s wife, Mrs. Esther Awujoola. She complained bitterly about what happened to her and her children and the other members. She states they were all dragged into the van. Her children who are of the ages of 1, 5 and 9 years old were also detained. She stated that this is against the law of the country. She also stated that she could not believe she was witnessing these actions from the civil defense corps, who are supposed to defend her as a citizen of Nigeria. She lamented about how her children were kept in an unconducive and unsanitary environment. She complained that she was slapped multiple times by one of the corps. Mrs. Awujoola explained that she was unaware that NTA wanted to interview her husband in jail. After finding out about the interview, she asked NTA to share the recordings of the interview with her, but she was refused. She states that this confirms her belief that the NTA cut off parts of the interview to present this case in an incriminating way – to discredit the church for their own gain. She pointed out that till now, her husband is still in detention. For what offense? She still does not know. In her limited conversation with him, he stated that the Civil Corps is forcing both him and the other brother to sign papers of false testimony. She stated that she and her family are long time members of Evidence of Christ ministry. This, she states, is her right to freedom of worship as stated in the constitution of Nigeria. She doesn’t know what offence she has committed. She doesn’t know what sins her husband and children have committed. She further stated that the parents of the children that were put in jail came to the Civil Court location but were denied entrance by the same people. They keep insisting that the children do not belong to those parents. She tried to explain that the house they raided is occupied by multiple families – an economical way to live in this time. She stated that this is what incited the slap from the corp.

    According to a man called Jesulayomi Adetola, another victim. He stated that he also came all the way from Lagos to attend the conference at Evidence of Christ Church. They had had similar conferences in the past. This was nothing new. After the conference, he extended his stay a little longer and was about to return to Lagos the day before this incident occurred. He pointed out the brutality of the civil defense corp. He was brutally tortured and suffered injury to his eyes which had previously undergone surgery. He had a prosthetic eye placed. The extent of the brutality by the “officers” can be attested to the further damage caused to the eye – as the prosthetics in his eye was ejected due to the slap and beatings of the officers. He was in so much pain yet it is only after the corps saw the extent of the damage done to his eye, that they released him temporarily to get to a hospital for further treatment. However, having gone to three hospitals, no physician attended to him. Without remorse of their actions, the corps put him back in detention, despite having no basis for their accusation.

    According to Samuel Beloved, one of the children taken against his will, the corps slapped him and tried to put words in his mouth. He was also put in an unsanitary, decrement filled environment, even though they knew he is a minor at age 9. As much as he tried telling the corps that no one kidnapped him and that he was staying at the Evidence house with his mother (that being their dwelling place), they would not listen to him.

    According to a sixteen years old girl named Oreofeolorun David, the corps refused to believe that she was not kidnapped and that she is living with her mum and siblings in one of the multiple apartments in the Evidence building. They forcibly tried to get false confessions out of her. She explained that she lived with her mom, her choice (instead of a dad) according to a court order. She indicated she had the divorce settlement from the court to back up her words. They would not listen. She stated how the civil defense corps told her to “forget about the law” when it was pointed out to them that what they were doing was against the law of Nigeria. She stated that she was so surprised to hear that from a uniformed arm force member who was supposed to support the law.
    Esther Paul, another victim of the Corp and also 13 years of age complained that they ignored all that she said about staying with her parents in one of the apartments at Evidence. She told them she was not kidnapped but they would not listen. She pointed out that the Corp officers were rather the ones who had kidnapped her and the other children from their parents.

    Elizabeth Olabode who is also a minor, aged 15, explained what she encountered in their custody. She also tried to tell them that she was staying at the Evidence building with her parents and that no one kidnapped her, but that they would not listen. She, also, was locked up and harassed by the officers to confess to something that was not true. She also pointed out that the children were kidnapped from their parents.
    The parents of the various minors who were arrested by the civil defense include Oluwabukunmi Adewale, Oluwalayomi Paul, Oluwafunmi Olanifesi, Ruth of His David. They indicated their shock when they arrived home from work and their wards were not at home. They stated that they met the gate to the compound was closed and that the neighbors were the one who told them that the civil defense corps invaded their place. They went straight away to the civil defense office, but upon getting there, they were denied entrance by the officers to see their children. In their words, they were “chased away like chickens”.

    Ms. Oluwabukunmi Adewale complained that what they have done is against the law. They have no justification to abduct a minor under the premise of “rescuing them”, detaining them, beating them and attempting to brainwash them to justify their actions. Ms. Oluwalayomi said she was even pleading with the corps to let her see her children, Esther and Titilope. They did not answer her, but rather chased her away.

    According to Ms. Oluwafunminiarare David, the children were eventually released to their parents after a lawyer was brought in. Some of the captors were also released the day after the lawyer intervened intervened. Till date, both Mr. Adetola Jesulayomi and Mr. Olumide Awujoola are still in their custody under the charge of kidnapping – a claim to which they still have provided no proof. She is concerned they are being tortured. She stated further that after everyone was released, they had to be taken to the hospital for proper checkup as they were exposed to unsanitary and unhygienic conditions. This was especially important for the minors. She confirmed that Oluwaseun Olaniyi is yet to respond to treatment and is still suffering traumatic effects of the experience she had to go through with the Civil Corp.

    In light of these facts that we discovered and the outcry from international members of Evidence of Christ Church in the USA and abroad, It is enjoined that the general public should note this side of the story which was not included in the news posted by NTA. NTA has failed to uphold the honest standard of journalism. We call into question their violation of basic ethics of journalism – “A journalist should strive to enhance national unity and public good. A journalist should promote universal principles of human rights, democracy, justice, equity peace and international understanding”. Shame on them.

    In the spirit of upholding these core principles of journalism, we bring you the true accounts of what happened.

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