Was this UFO from another planet?

The CIA has released troves of UFO records covering several decades and they are yours to download if you want to unlock the secret of extra-terrestrial aliens.

Space.com reports that the massive data dump includes more than 2,700 pages of UFO-related documents declassified by the CIA since the 1980s.

According to The Black Vault an online repository of UFO-related documents operated by author John Greenwald Jr. — the documents were obtained through a long string of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests filed over the last quarter century .

Over time, so many requests piled up that the CIA created a CD-ROM full of declassified documents, known as “The UFO collection.”

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In mid-2020, Greenwald purchased the CD-ROM, and he recently finished uploading its contents as a series of searchable PDF files on his website. (You can find them at The Black Vault.)

The documents cover dozens of incidents, including the 1976 account of the government’s then-Assistant Deputy Director for Science & Technology being hand-delivered a mysterious piece of intelligence on a UFO.

The documents also included the description of a mysterious midnight explosion in a small Russian town.