Video: How American pastors prayed for Trump before Biden’s certification 

Trump being prayed for
Trump being prayed for

On January 6, 2021, a group of Christian ministers laid their hands on President Donald Trump and prayed for him for victory the same day Joe Biden was certified by Congress as US President.

The video surfaced on the twitter handle of Diamond and Silk. The pastors, mostly blacks were seen laying their hands on Trump and praying for him profusely.

The president closed his eyes as they prayed for him, but after that prayer, Trump did the unimaginable.

He incited a mob to invade the Capitol in a bid to snatch victory from Biden through the back door.

See video below

On the same day, the US President mounted pressure on Republican Senators to reverse the wish of the American people.

He also tried to pressurise Vice President Mike Pence to discredit the Electoral College to make the poll invalid.

A courageous Pence never yielded to Trump’s pressure, as he said he did not have the power to do so and could not go against the US constitution.



  1. Bunch of fake Pastors. Pimps in the Pulpits. I thought slavery was abolished years ago. How can you pray for a birther that lied that former President Obama wasn’t born in the US. Trump is the one that sent Domestic Terrorists,Traitors, Racist Proud Boys and Seditionists to overthrow the government of the US. He orchestrated an insurrection on the legislative branch of the government.Trump is the single most blasphemous human being I have ever seen. A recent University study concluded Trump’s remaining supporters are racists, sexists and xenophobes.

  2. These religious con men and women have been deceiving Nigerian political leaders and ordinary citizens with fake promises of miracles hence nobody is ready to do any serious work with God given brain.

    Just as God exposed them with Covid, he has done so again with Trump because 99% of them in Nigeria claimed that God had given victory to Trump, how far naa?

    God is not man that he can be mocked, these ecclesiastical scammers do not worship God, they are disciples of Simon Magus, so those of yo who flock to these churches where money is fleeced from you in the hope of showing love to God, you are not worshiping God nor his son Jesus Christ, yo are not following his disciples, you have been led astray to the alter of Mammon

    • Like we say in Jamaica (patois). God no partial. God responds to deeds and not prayers because he has given us everything, it is up to us to do the right things.

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