Don Jazzy, Rudeboy, others join “Stingy Men Association”; women react

Don Jazzy: now Head of Union for Stingy Head Association
Don Jazzy: now Head of Union for Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN)

“Stingy Men Association of Nigeria” is going viral and gathered momentum on Monday when Don Jazzy, Nigerian record producer joined the movement as ‘Head of Union’.

The Stingy Men Association of Nigeria was kickstarted on social media and created to make fun but now getting serious.

The trend started in Zambia where men pledged not to spend more than K5 Zambia currency on their girlfriend and vowed to invest more.

However, Nigerians also created their online form with the objective of resisting any form of financial exploitation from the other gender.

Nigeria women have now also taken to social media to launch a retaliatory Stingy Women Association.

However, Media personality Toke Makinwa has also backed the “Close Legs Association” in retaliation for men joining the “Stingy Men Association.”

Reacting to how almost all the Nigerian male celebrities are joining the Stingy Men Association, the 36-year-old asked where she can also sign up for Close Legs Association.

She said,

“This stingy men association na wa ooo… Abeg where can I sign up for Close legs association.”


  1. Madness, the world is working day and night on how to solve the pandemic issue, look at what my fellow Nigerians are using their head to think about! Are they ok?

    • My brother Mark Jones that is the problem of black man. Tomorrow, they will blame white man or juju and slavery. America, Russia, UK, China and all other countries are working and thinking how to solve issues and innovation and improve lives but Africa and especially Nigerians are busy talking crap. Now you can appreciate the fact someone called it a Zoo

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