774,000 jobs: Distribution of cutlasses, wheelbarrows incite social media uproar 

Festus Keyamo with a pushing a wheelbarrow
Festus Keyamo with a pushing a wheelbarrow

By Benson Michael

There is an uproar on social media after the Minister of State, Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo, was seen distributing cutlasses and wheelbarrows to jobless youths in Delta State during the launch of the 774,000 jobs in the state last week.

One of the dailies had reported that Keyamo had empowered youths with cutlasses and wheelbarrows as part of the jobs they were meant to do in a 21st century.

Keyamo has come out to criticise the story, saying that the tools were not empowerment, and belonged to government.

He said the empowerment is the total of N60,000 the labourers would be paid for the work in three months.

“The 774,000 jobs is basically for our everyday labourers to carry out community services. It would not be financially prudent if government were to spend billions for expensive equipment for 3-month jobs, then spend millions again training our labourers on how to use these equipment,” he said.

Despite the explanations, many people descended heavily on Keyamo over the 774,000 jobs.

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  1. Work is work. All over the world, value of work is payment. There is payment Nd there is divinity in labour.
    Why are we not talking if those who will benefit from this? Who knows this experiment works and those on this causal employment remind engaged after three months? It is possible if government sees good from it. It will remove many from crimes.
    I think those condemning this are omfortable in Thier homes. The pajnsof unemployment is hard to bear not only because of money but the joy or going out to work daily.
    It makes one think.

    • So my Friend the 774000 jobs that Law makers or Lawless douche bags were fighting for are knives and wheelbarrows?. Yes there is dignity in labour but this is shameful .

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