We kill people, sell their body parts – Paraded suspects

Paraded suspects
Paraded suspects

By Muhaimin Olowoporoku

Four suspects paraded by the Osun State Police command have confessed to being ritual killers and into the business of selling body parts.

Lukman Garuba, 31, one of those paraded said that he bought a human part from ritualist killers for N2,000 after police nabbed him in Iwo, Osun State.

Tajudeen Monsuru, 31, and Hamsat Akeem, 25, confessed to having kidnapped and killed one Akanbi Adeolu.

The fourth suspect, Awayewasere Yusuf, 37, said he has bought the human parts from the ritualists and also sold them to others who are still at large.

While answering questions from journalists, Tajudeen Monsuru confessed to have killed his girlfriend Mutiyat Alani and Akinloye Ibrahim and many other victims.

He said he strangles his victims to death after gaining their trust, especially at night when they are deep asleep. He said he murders them and cut their body into pieces for sales before daybreak.

Osun State Commissioner of Police, Wale Olokode in his address vowed to take the battle to the den of kidnappers, cultists, drug dealers, sea pirates, traffickers, indeed criminals of all hues and their sponsors, procurers, counsellors and accessories in and outside the State.

“Our war mantra will be “criminals, here are your own coins”. Policing activities in the state will be widespread and percolative; non-discriminatory and unrestricted. Both the low and high individuals, big and small communities in the state will enjoy our services,” he said.

CP Olokode said further that “Policemen will be made more visible in the state through adequate protection of key and vulnerable points, intensive patrols of neighbourhoods, business districts, and roads; constant surveillance and regular raids of black-spots and criminal hideouts.”


  1. Westerners watch Hollywood movies about zombie apocalypse. Nigerians are living the reality. This is fast becoming a society of very lazy people, without any kind of empathy for their fellow citizens: Most would do nefarious things for money, position and power. rather tap into the abundance of nature to benefit everyone. Most of these activities derive from the exemplary but negative behaviours of our leaders who would rather oppress than lead. If there is no one like the Sowores and others like him to investigate and criticize the performance of the rulers, how are they ever going to be able to know when they are going wrong. The police alone cannot tackle societal problems. Investigative journalism to expose anyone responsible for this ritual acts need to be allowed. Public criticism of the actions of public officials need to be commonplace. A free press with access to information is an absolute necessity. Nigeria is supposedly a democracy and people must be allowed to express themselves before they become like the extremist Americans who recently overcame their country’s legislature. Societal rule in most educated societies is 80/20. 80 percent volunteer to do the grunt work while 20 percent manage the resources. In Nigeria, 80 percent want to manage the resources. This is why people resort to all kinds of ritualistic activities to overcome their perceived competition. There is need for the population to learn to coexist and this starts by raising living standards for the 80 percent who have agreed to do the grunt work by guaranteeing their protection from all kinds of dastardly activities, by enshrining their rights to be humans in the constitution, by providing by law the basic necessities of life for everyone and by paying them living wages. The 20 percent who have chosen to manage the resources on the other hand must be ready to be subject to public scrutiny at every level so as to ensure that their performance is above board at all times. Human beings are like electronic gadgets. They need a certain kind and measure of feedback to keep functioning properly. They break down and go haywire when this feedback is not there.

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