Wendy Williams ends with eggs on her face dragging Dangote, Bea Lewis

Bea Lewis and Aliko Dangote

America’s talk show host, Wendy Williams has suffered some embarrassing backlash calling out Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote and his Atlanta ex-girlfriend Bea Lewis.

Bea Lewis at the end of 2020 revealed her romance with Aliko and said the billionaire had broken her heart in 1000 pieces.

But without any hint of hard feelings, Lewis also said she learnt a lot from the Nigerian businessman.

Bea Lewis and Aliko Dangote
Bea Lewis to Wendy Williams: I am not a side chick to Aliko

Wendy latched on the social media ripples generated by Lewis post and referenced Lewis as Aliko’s side chick.

She also mispronounced Aliko’s name very awkwardly.

Lewis has responded to her, saying Wendy got it all wrong.

First, Lewis said she is not 45 but 34.

Then she said she is not Aliko’s side chick, because Aliko is a bachelor.

She also corrected Wendy about the right way to pronounce Aliko’s name, spelling it to her, like ABC.

And thus leaving Wendy with plenty eggs on her face.

Read the screenshots of Bea Lewis responses to Wendy Williams:

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