Nigeria posts another record cases of COVID-19, Lagos breaks the chart too

Lagos Governor Sanwo-Olu: COVID-19 cases sharply fall

Governor Sanwo-Olu: warns Lagosians about COVID-19 spread

By Abankula

Nigeria broke its grim chart for the second day, posting an unprecedented 1354 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday.

The new figure eclipsed the 1,204 cases set on Monday.

According to figures released by Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, Lagos also posted a new record 712 cases, more than the 645 reported on Monday.

The 1,304 cases came from 20 states and the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja.

But Lagos accounted for 55 per cent of the total, confirming that it remains the epicentre of the virus.

Overall the number of infections in the commercial capital of Nigeria is now 32,687, more than one third of the national total of 92,705 cases.

Governor of Lagos, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, who recently contracted the virus took to Twitter Tuesday, warning citizens to be aware of the virus.

“There is an urgent need for us to be more circumspect in the way we live, interact and socialize with our friends and family”, he wrote.

“Many people are ignoring #COVID19 warnings and guidelines, thereby exposing themselves and others to the virus.

He also warned about a possible lockdown, should the virus spread get out of control.

“We are well into the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Yesterday, Lagos scarily recorded its highest number of infection in one day: 712.

“We have already recorded a frightening spike in infection cases.

“This spike brings positive cases to a total of 32,720 in Lagos alone”, he added.

According to the NCDC, there was one death recorded overnight, making the death toll inch up to 1,319.

The lone death occurred in Kaduna state, which now has a death toll of 54.

Also the cumulative number of the discharged went up to 76,396.

“Our discharges today include 324 community recoveries in Lagos State and 137 community recoveries in FCT managed in line with guidelines,” NCDC said.

Here is the breakdown of the cases Tuesday:

Akwa Ibom-16

92,705 confirmed
76,396 discharged
1,319 deaths


  1. Federal Government has a hiding agenda. Government must explain to Nigerians why they were not accountable to the spike in COVID 19 and death of innocent Nigerians.

    Go to National Identification Registration centers you will believe, we have no Government.
    Why should Government that purports to reduce Corona virus infection ask Nigerians to register for National Identification card without making any provision.

    At Iba Local Council National ID is N7000. and you have to pay at the gate before the Chairman touts at the gate allows you in, likewise at Ojo Local Government, the cost there is N6000 but if you have Local Government Officer, it is N5000.
    Some National Identification registration Centers now use PAGA centers as AGENT, if you go to the Registration Center they direct you to the PAGA center,, there you pay N6000, they take your details and tell you when to pick up your card.

    Obasanjo Government open center almost in all the streets when he introduced the National Identification card and Technology has not advanced in Nigeria then but now the Government,, Fake News and Disinformation Minister tells us rubbish every day about a Government without foresight.

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